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    I faced a pretty horrible situation earlier with Enigma and TheGuy. We were playing a CO map, and the two of them (plus their third teammate whose name I forget) all went lerk and spored the hell out of the marine spawn, then the little bastards sat there and spawnkilled for about 5 minutes. I usually do fairly well, but this round I was 1 and 47 (or more) at the end. No fun at all. I realize that what they were doing helps them to win, and I don't look down on them for doing it, even if Enigma is an asshat. <3h8.

    What I'm getting at is this: I've played on servers before that had rules against sporing the marine spawn, GL'ing the alien spawn, and such things. If a player is in the enemy's base, they were required to go for the win, not the spawn. I think that if these rules were adopted, the players who have a ready supply of suck like me would have a much better time on the servers.

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    Re: Spawning Rules

    We've discussed this at length in the past. You might be able to find the conversations by searching.

    More people than I expected approved of spawn camping, but all required in that approval that the act be a means toward securing an objective toward team success. If there is clearly no need elsewhere on the map that depends on the spawn camping deterring the opposition, I think everyone agreed that it's out of bounds.

    Admins decide what is over the line and what is not. If no admin is present, your best bet is to record a demo and get it to an admin.
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      Re: Spawning Rules

      You should also note that if tickets were enabled you could use the following command: "/safespawn" for 2 seconds of invulnerability.

      I get this a lot myself, little or nothing you can do. It it's CO I'll crank up the iTunes and just stop playing.


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        Re: Spawning Rules

        Important to note though that in NS games, there CAN be other objectives; in CO, spawncamping mostly bites whale bubbles.
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