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Re-add a map?

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  • Re-add a map?

    Can we readd that map that has like 11:30 close to marine spawn and the marine spawn is in like a littl pit.. I love that map, and maybe I'll play more if it comes on :-D
    (Btw: reason for me not being on.. BF1942, DOD, CS, and mostly spending my time talking to someone special :))

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    ns_11th_hr? Ew.


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      Don't fall into that trap Sniper......

      Remember what happened to Psi. ;)
      I do what I can.

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        .. yeah, i watched the trailer the other night, and saw that map.. but i've never played it
        there was also a funny looking green/teal hive room
        is that 11 hour too?


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          11th hour was SUCH a fun map, but my hope is that we wait until 2.1's new maps get old before we introduce more third-party maps into the server.

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            lol santal... thing is, i live near her, my mom knows her, i've seen a pic of her... she's seen a pic of me, we talk almost everynight, and we are meeting each other either this weekend or next weekend. I have much more sources (atleast she lives in my state... county for that matter... within 20miles too.. much more souces :))

            Back to the map: Sure. I can wait until 2.1. I love ns_11th_hr i remember *go to the smoky room!* lol. love that map :)


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              Originally posted by Sniper
              my mom knows her

              Guys, it's ok! His mom knows her.

              :D :D :D


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                errrr umm... yeah. my mom thinks she good.. i dunno.. i got my own opinions so far..
                plus, i dont know about you, but i am close to my parents...




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