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    Lots of people are asking, so heres some things I know to help speed up your computer, and tweak it for ns. I use linux, but dual boot into windows for the sole purpose of ns (and lately some emulators) so this is how I tweak everything. In addition it has a lot of general computing decisions I have made. If you have any questions I will elaborate.

    :: NS General Info ::
    to show your fps either cl_showfps or net_graph 3

    :: NS userconfig.cfg ::
    rate 20000
    cl_rate 20000
    max_fps your monitors refresh rate +1
    cl_cmdrate max_fps / 2
    cl_updaterate cl_cmdrate
    cl_cmdbackup 2
    hud_fastswitch 1

    :: Drivers ::
    For ati video cards, download omega's drivers -
    For nvidia cards, DHZeropoint -

    :: Steam ::
    Make sure in internet settings in the steam settings menu you set your connection to the highest possible ("LAN/T1"). Steam does mess with your rates and such if it is not set to this.

    :: Hardcore Tweaking - Computer, Gaming, Desktop, etc... ::
    Here's where it gets crazy...I make my own windows installation disk from scratch. Get a copy of Windows XP original, no SP, and copy it to a folder. Download SP2 full redistributable from microsoft. Download nlite. Using nlite slipstream SP2 and then remove all the unnecessary components (this is different for each user). Then if you want you can make an unattended install. In addition I delete some other files that are uneccessary, and i remove all video, sound, and printer drivers - I only keep the network driver i need for my card, then promptly download all my necessary software and drivers online.

    I use blackviper's guide (google it) to disable and remove services, and 'startup control panel' to clean it up. 'Crap Cleaner' for general cleaning, 'xpy' to remove some extra ms spying utilities, and disable all of windows security center. Then tcpip.sys connection patch to increase the limit of half-open connections / s.

    My router has all ports disable except for the ones I have open - its basically a non-dynamic firewall. Ad-aware, Avant Browser for the times I need to use ie (website testing, and windows update). I put everything in ie on the highest security setting, because I only use it when updating windows.

    Foobar2000 for music, media player classic for movies, bearshare for p2p (note: i buy all my music as a personal rule because I am a musician).

    For games that require a c-d, I make an iso image on my hard drive of the cd and mount it in daemon tools for faster load times. Chaos script for mirc to make it easier to handle and look prettier. IZarc for archiving - it supports the most formats.

    Gaim for IM, firefox for web, gmail for mail, cdburnerxp for cds.

    All these are free, legal, and mostly open source or at least GPL software. No warez is needed kiddies! And they all are better than thier pay for alternatives (i would elaborate if you want in specific cases). The only thing I can see that may not be as good is The Gimp vs. Photoshop CS. Personally I am not a professional when it comes to art, so The Gimp works fine, but for collaberative reasons Photoshop is the standard.

    I can tell you what services i remove and files i delete if you want to know, but this is a good start.

    :: The result ::
    Becuase of this, I am able to run NS at 1280x1024 with 6x Temporal AA (works like 8x), 16x AF with my fps *never* dipping below 75. 90% of the time its at fps_max (which for me is 83). This is on a radeon 9800se 128mb card, and a p4 2.4ghz. I am also able to run unreal tournament 2004 with all the highest quality settings on with the same results. A little tweak here and there doesnt mean much, but combined I basically doubled my fps. In addition, since I built this computer 3 years ago I have only added one hard drive, and switched the video card from a geforce4 ti4200 to a 9800se a year ago.

    If you have any questions about computers ask me, I am glad to help.

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    Re: Technical Info

    This is my userconfig.cfg, my config.cfg is unaltered from the default install. I use a nostromo n52 pad for my left hand instead of a keyboard, a logitech mx500 mouse, and sennheiser pc155 headset.
    name 			"micr0c0sm"
    alias	"marines"	"jointeamone;exec marine.cfg"
    alias 	"aliens"	"jointeamtwo;exec aien.cfg"
    ;my binds
    bind 	"F1" 		"marines" 
    bind 	"F2" 		"aliens" 
    bind	"z"		"marines"
    bind	"x"		"aliens"
    bind 	"F3" 		"autoassign"
    bind 	"F4" 		"readyroom"
    bind 	"F5" 		"snapshot"
    bind 	"`" 		"toggleconsole"		;console
    bind 	"~" 		"toggleconsole"		;console
    bind 	"\"		"messagemode"		;say all
    bind	"enter"		"messagemode2"		;say team
    bind	"/"		"say /"			; :/
    bind 	"tab" 		"slot1"			;weapon 1
    bind 	"q" 		"slot2"			;weapon 2
    bind 	"e" 		"slot3"			;weapon 3
    bind 	"r" 		"slot4"			;weapon 4
    bind 	"f" 		"impulse 100"		;flashlight
    bind 	"w" 		"+forward"		;forward
    bind 	"a" 		"+moveleft"		;left
    bind 	"s" 		"+back"			;back
    bind 	"d" 		"+moveright"		;right
    bind 	"capslock"	"+duck"			;duck
    bind 	"shift"		"+speed"		;walk
    bind 	"mouse1"	"+attack"		;attack
    bind 	"mouse2"	"+popupmenu"		;menu
    bind 	"mwheelup"	"+jump"			;jump
    bind 	"mwheeldown"	"+jump"			;jump
    bind 	"mouse4"	"+showmap"		;map
    bind 	"mouse5"	"+voicerecord"		;scoreboard
    bind 	"uparrow"	"+use"			;build or use
    bind	"leftarrow"	"+jump"			;jump
    bind	"rightarrow"	"+showscores"		;scoreboard
    bind	"downarrow"	"+voicerecord"		;voicechat
    rate 			"20000"
    cl_rate 		"20000"
    cl_updaterate 		"42"
    cl_cmdrate 		"42"
    cl_cmdbackup 		"2"
    fps_max 		"83"
    cl_autohelp 		"0"
    cl_buildmessages	"1"
    cl_musicenabled 	"0"
    cl_musicvolume 		"0"
    hud_fastswitch 		"1"
    net_graph 		"0"
    net_graphpos 		"2"
    This is my marine.cfg

    bind 	"c"		"impulse 3"		;drop weapon
    bind 	"mouse3"	"+reload"		;reload
    This is my alien.cfg
    bind	"mouse3"	"+jump"			;jump


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      Re: Technical Info

      There is a deal for the nostromo n52. I recommend it so hard at any price, especially at this one! It really does help a significant amount in any of my games.




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