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bots/full server bug?

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  • bots/full server bug?

    I tried to join the server today when it was at 19/30 with a bunch of bots. I was rejected with a "the server is full" message. I tried both at the console (with "connect") and through the Steam server browser.

    I figure now that Wyz has found a workaround for the HLTV bug I'll give him something else to work on. :)
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    Re: bots/full server bug?

    I lowered the max slots during the server resource leak problems which followed between the release of 3.0 server and 3.01 server.

    This is now fixed, as I've again raised the max slots to 32 (the player slots, of course, remain unchanged: 17 without bots, 30 with bots).
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