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3.02 Release

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  • 3.02 Release

    Another serverside patch, some small balance tweaks, nothing exciting:

    - Reduced observatory cost from 20 to 15.
    - Increased observatory starting energy to 40.
    - Reduced Armslab cost from 25 to 20.
    - Reduced Phase Gate transportation throttle rate from 0.8 to 0.5 seconds per player.

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    Re: 3.02 Release

    Now that IS interesting! Pity though, I thought the marines were doing quite well at their adapting to the new aliens. Marines really dont need this, since quicker and more affordable buildings along with faster movement still doesnt compensate for skill. However it will significantly alter marine strategy in terms of the observatory, its almost as cheap as the armory now...for a good time call observatory...
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      Re: 3.02 Release

      well atleast they don't seem to be ignoring whats going on, but it seems like they think that marines and aliens are now balenced in CO and are only modding stuff for the real NS


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        Re: 3.02 Release

        Nobody cares about CO balance anyway ;)
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          Re: 3.02 Release

          Spyder, who's nobody? I care about CO, not as much as NS. I still play CO when i'm in a server with less than 10 people, and some servers actualy have CO in rotation. ;)

          As for the changes, I like em. Phase gate updates are REALY nice. We will see how these changes play out tonight!!
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            Re: 3.02 Release

            As long as Co and NS use the same numbers, and the excat same upgrades they will never both be balanced at the sametime. I could explain why in a long boring post but im lazy.




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