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    I was recently terminated from my programming position at a small company, as the company did not see any more need for my services. (I.E. top brass there only needed people who are completely emotionally dependent on them 24/7. See ). This is the third time I've sought success through others and failed miserably, so I've decided to break out and be my own success, learning from the previous positives and negatives. This takes time, though, so I've restricted myself from games to one day a week. That means you'll all see quite a bit less of me.

    Please see the lively topic in the link above, I'd like any input you all have for me.

    -- Shroom
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    Re: NS Lent

    Something similiar happened to one of my family members. He worked at a shop (car audio etc) and he did very well but he eventual was let go and he decided he didn't wanna work for someone else and ended up opening his own shop. He is doing very well. GL shroom.
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      Re: NS Lent

      Shoom, we'll miss your great singing...!

      Good luck with finding success in yourself.
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        Re: NS Lent

        Good luck Shroom. It was fun playing with you while it lasted (aside: You were the first commander whose name I learned because I was so impressed). I'm sure everything will work out for you in the long run.


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          Re: NS Lent

          I thought ns_lent was a new map or something.

          Anyways, your absence will be noted. 6 openings in our QA department though!




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