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  • WTF Was That?

    I just logged into the NS server as a study break, mostly to see if I could get it to run, and got my ass handed to me. Read the SOPs, but didn't relaly get what was going on until playing for a bit, which wasn't much against level 21 bots.


    I think I have the basic commands down. Some of the movement stuff, and building, eludes me, but in time.

    Reminds me of the UT2004 Invasion game type. That's high praise, in case you didn't know.

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    Re: WTF Was That?

    Unique among TG games, NS requires more than a few people to play properly.

    So, people (not just at TG) are reluctant to join an empty server. There exist two solutions to that on our server: both involve Combat, a playmode added some time back by the game developers. You run around and shoot stuff, having little to no care for RTS. One solution is to play against humans. One solution is to play against bots.

    Many among TG's playerbase think CO sucks, myself included. It's just not fun to play CO against other humans once you've tasted the sweetness that is NS (Classic gameplay mode).

    So, regulars and supporting members can put bots on the server when it's on a CO map. It helps them entertain themselves while they want for more players, and it pulls more players into the server.

    We've been doing this for some time.

    What you experienced, simply put, is not Natural Selection.

    Stop in again when the server has humans on it. Be sure to let them know you're new.
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