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Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

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  • Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

    Registration is closed and teams have been assigned. Subs are still welcome

    Here it is guys. The Tactical Gamer NS Tournament is now official. The following will lay out the rules and procedures for the tournament. Please read it in its entirety if you are interested in participating.


    6 teams will be formed by approved captains. Each team must consist of at least 2 supporting members.

    Team captains
    Team captains will be responsible for forming teams. Interested players should send kormendi a PM ASAP. While the first 6 applicants will most likely be accepted, we reserve the right to deny a request if the applicant is not an established player in the TG community. What is meant by established is one who plays on the server regularly and recognizes the ideals Tactical Gamer stands for.

    Captains should be those who are willing to accept the associated responsibilities. Please donít take this position lightly.

    All players will be drafted onto a team. This will work similarly to how we do captains games on the server. On Sunday May 29, the six team captains will meet on the Tactical Gamer TeamSpeak server. The captains will take turns picking players until all are assigned to a team. The selection order will be random and after each round will be rotated so that the captain who has the last pick in a round will have the first pick in the following round.


    Interested players whose schedule does not allow for full time participation may become substitutes. Please PM kormendi if you are interested.

    Teams may only choose a ringer from the pool of approved substitutes. A thread will be maintained exclusively for substitute requests. Any substitutions must be resolved 15 minutes before a match. Teams are encouraged to find a sub well before the deadline. Try to gather your team before the deadline to rule out any last minute disappearances. All substitutes are encouraged to idle in the TG TeamSpeak server and the #tacticalgamer IRC channel to provide assistance in the case that a team needs a player just prior to the deadline.

    Substitutes may not play in more than 4 matches. An exception will be made if the sub is the only one available at the 15 minute deadline. If only two or more subs are available, those who have exceeded the 4 match limit are ineligible to play.


    The tournament will start with a 2 week preseason the week of June 12th. After the preseason a double elimination tournament will start.

    2 Week Preseason
    For the first 2 weeks of the tournament, teams will play 2 exhibition games. The match ups will be randomly assigned. This will give teams a chance to grow before the elimination takes effect. Additionally, the two teams with the best record during the initial two weeks will earn their bye into the second round of the tournament.

    Double Elimination
    The tournament will be double elimination. This means that after a teamís first loss they are moved to a loserís bracket where they play until a second loss. Matches will continue untill all but the winner of the loser's bracket and the undefeated team are eliminated.
    Click for a look at the bracket. This shows the break down of games by week. I will update the bracket after the completion of a week's matches.

    -The tournament manager (kormendi) will assign match times.
    -Will be played on Monday and/or Wednesday at 8:15PM EST and/or 10:15PM EST.
    -A strictly enforced 10 minute grace period will be allowed for teams to organize. See linked thread for details.
    -Schedule changes will be permitted if both teams agree and at least 24 hours advanced notice is given.
    -Will be played using the current version according to
    -Will be played 6v6
    -Will consist of 2 rounds.
    -A single round will last until a win condition is satisfied or 45 minutes has elapsed.
    -In the event of a tie after two rounds, a tie breaker round will be played with the choice of team determined by the method detailed in the linked post.
    -The team which plays as marines first will be determined randomly at the time of scheduling.
    -After the first round the teams will switch sides and a second round will be played.
    -All matches will be recorded by HLTV.
    -Any disputes will be resolved by inspection of the recorded demos.
    -Matches will be played on the public Tactical Gamer NS server.
    -During a match the server will be locked.

    Maps for the tournament will be decided week by week. The maps will be selected from those in rotation on the server at the start of the tournament. If you have a map in mind that you would like included in the tournament, please request that it be added to the rotation. Any factors that determine a map's eligibility for rotation will apply.

    Amendments and edits may be made at any time. Please refer to this post for any updates and changes to the rules. I will maintain a change log at the bottom of this post.

    I would like to acknowledge the CSS tournament, its participants, and its management. The CSS Tournament provided both inspiration and guidance for the planning of this tournament.

    Suicide Kings

    Dark Eagle Ops

    The Catpunchers

    Tactically Dangerous

    Aesop Rock

    Spongebob Mob


    Change Log
    5/15 11:15PM - Added the Interested Participants section
    5/16 12:15AM - Added people to the list... some from other tourny thread
    5/18 9:30PM - Removed requirement for draftees to be present at draft on teamspeak.
    5/20 3:30PM - Added 6v6 match requirement, monday/wednesday match days, and bracket.
    5/20 5:30PM - Fixed starting day, was june 15, now june 12
    5/20 6:00PM - Added list of captains
    5/27 12:45PM - Finalized captains.
    5/27 1:00PM - Revised "team forming" section
    5/27 3:30PM - Added info about match times to "matches" section
    5/29 11:30AM - Finalized player list
    6/6 2:30AM - Added teams
    7/6 10:45PM - Updated match rules with 10 min grace period, and tie breaker, and some misc revisions
    Last edited by kormendi; 07-06-2005, 10:19 PM.
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    Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

    Nice job Kormendi looks awesome.

    One question.Where do you post if you are just interested in participating?


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      Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

      That can be posted here. I will maintain a list of people interested at the bottom of the post.

      People should feel free to make any suggestions/comments in this thread as well.
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        Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

        Well done Korm. Count me in as a player in the tournament.

        omg culd we also hav a co tourny plz? kthx.


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          Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament


          Very specific, very organized, very nice :)


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            Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

            I'm interested.


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              Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

              Originally posted by rs_j
              <johnny five avatar>
              OMG DIE!!!!!


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                Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

                Im interested in participating in the tournament. Very nice job kormendi.


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                  Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

                  j's avatar wins! lol

                  Top-notch kormendi!! I read it closely, looking for mistakes and things to improve on, and I don't see anything. We'll see moving forward what we learn about running a tournament like this.

                  Again, many thanks to Tempus' efforts with the CSS tournament, from which we're taking our lead in many design decisions.

                  Oh.. and...

                  I'm in. :)
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                    Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

                    I may as well throw my hat into the ring.


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                      Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

                      Gimme gimme good lovin', every time.
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                        Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

                        Wyz'll be the fat kid I bet... but only because I am available only for subbing...


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                          Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

                          So....who is going to make the sweet signature I'm gonna need to add to my signature declaring our team the TG NS Tourney Champions???

                          Maybe a one month reserved slot for the winning team? Or a forced (paid-for) membership. We'll just send T_BEAR's mom over to persuade the winners to start paying for a membership =D.


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                            Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

                            verbose is in.
                            "Hardly used" will not fetch a better price for your brain.


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                              Re: Official Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Tournament

                              Johnny five, my mom, and I will rock you in the tournament be advised.

                              Also I will make you a new sig micr0c0sm. It will state "micr0c0sm just got served by T_BEAR Cafe." Better yet I will make Wyz do it :D




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