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Self Improvement Part II

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  • Self Improvement Part II

    I am bringing back this thread once again for the following reasons:

    1) Noticed marked improvements in many people's respective areas since the first thread.
    2) New players have joined the server.
    3) Found more self-defeciencies since last time.

    This is how it goes - you name one thing that you think another player can improve on, or in general something we can all improve on, and then you name one thing you can improve on. This trait can NOT be skill related (i.e. aiming, bunnyhopping, killing). And finally, you MUST have a suggestion on how to improve in that area. Don't just say 'i don't like when player x does y', instead say 'player x can improve by doing z instead of y' or 'player x can improve on y by doing z'.

    I'll start.

    I mic spam. Sometimes a little too much. Lately I am trying to improve on this by typing anything that is not current game information. This is mainly jokes but any generalized comments I am going to try to keep to teamspeak (in the game not the program).

    In general, marines give up a bit to easily after a failed attempt at destroying a hive or node or securing a choke point. Yes the aliens are overpowered and yes in competetive or semi competitive play this usally means that they lose the game. To remedy this there are two things the marine team can do, one is to have the commander really encourage the team, try again, or convince them that they did a whole lot of something instead of a whole lot of nothing. The momentum will carry and it is amazing to see the difference morale makes in terms of individual and team skill. Secondly if the commander doesn't encourage then as a marine you encourage, take charge! The second thing I have seen a bit but not lately is when there is a higher up person, either commander, admin, better player, some people feel the need to be quiet and let them plan everything or take charge. Individuals should offer any suggestions they have - one person cannot think of every tactic and will miss out on a good opportunity.

    I hope my post was clear if it isn't tell me and I'll try to explain better.

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    Re: Self Improvement Part II

    I am to damn overconfident at times. I come from the Unreal Tournament series of games where each player in a team is a walking tank and generally act individually (aside from the occational strategizing). The instincts I aquired from these games cause me to run out of marine base alone without thinking about the consequences. I am fodder for the fades that are patrolling the area looking for lone marines to prey on.

    I have noticed commander's shunning of Cat packs. Those little bundles of joy increase marine attack speed, running speed, and amount of damage by 25% for 8 seconds (which may not seem long, but every one of those eight seconds can potentially turn the tide of the game). Twenty Five percent! This is basically giving your marines lvl3 weapons for 8 seconds with the added bonus of movement and shot speed increases. Unlike lvl3 weapons however, cat packs can potentially be aquired within 1 minute of the game start, which makes them perfect for early Fades. Drop an armory, arms lab, then research cat packs (It only takes twenty seconds, which is less than the 45 seconds it takes for Miss Commander to research hand grenades:)). After they are researched use them freely when the situation calls for it. One instance: you suspect an early fade is closing in on 2 remote LMG marines (motion tracking can help confirm your suspicions). Instead of having them run away, have them set themselves into some kind of ambush position in the room. Drop 2 cat packs in front of the marines to pick up when the fade enters. The marines' faster movement speed will improve their aim and dodging ablilities while the increased rate of fire and damage will bring that fade down in a blink of an eye.

    This is just one of the infinite amount of cat-pack uses. Don't be afraid of them!


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      Re: Self Improvement Part II

      Originally posted by Pfhor
      I am fodder for the fades that are patrolling the area looking for lone marines to prey on.
      That's why you make great bait Pfhor. You go out, send a few marines a few seconds later... fade down.

      I think one of my problems is I often come in to the server frustrated with whatever is going on in my life in order to blow off some steam, and sometimes by coming in to blow off steam I end up getting frustrated with the game as well.
      Or I'll get hand grenades just to make T_Bear mad.
      However, I have cut back on the mic spam. I bought a headset and realized just how loud everyone really is.

      Zephyr: Besides Wyzcrak and his godly voice; the kind of voice that you will expect to say "Zephyr, I need you to build an ark at Marine Start, with room for two of every structure so that I may turret spam for 40 days and 40 nights" that is.

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        Re: Self Improvement Part II

        Observation. This is the one thing that really irks me sometimes, especially on marines. I'll be in a train of marines going somewhere, and I pick up a skulk behind us, and I'll turn and start shooting at it, and it'll probably kill me, because it got the jump on me and I do not have CS aim. But then he'll move right up the line of marines that are just now turning to fire on him at best, because they weren't listening to what's going on. I prefer grouping with marines that listen more than marines that can aim, because a good LISTENING marine can save my life under such a situation while a good AIMING marine will only save his own, ftmp. Turn down the ambient music, use headphones if you can (If you don't, you have no idea how a good set of headphones helps your locational perceptions) and try to remove any outside item that might distract you (such as having the TV on in the background).

        My personal problem is that I die. Alot. *really* alot. I can't count the number of times I've been the #1 marine on the team but had the most deaths on the team by far. Partly because I tend to be agressive (I prefer the term scouting to I tend to go out looking for things of importance rather than just killing things) But I like to think that sometimes it's just because I'm always in the thick of things, being somewhere important. Rushing phase gates without getting ammo repeatedly, and attempting to take the fight to them rather than playing defensively. This ends up giving aliens alot of res, and it can be a problem early on, as I contribute to early fades more than any player on the server some nights.

        I'm like the Jason Kidd of NS some nights. Bullets in every skulk but missing out on the kills by just a little bit. I still like to think that, on the whole, I'm a factor that needs to be considered in most games that I play. Not because I'm the best player, because I'm not, but because I'm a seasoned veteran, and a good veteran in the right place at the right time can win a game for you.
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          Re: Self Improvement Part II

          I need to quit taking the game so seriously when i'm the commander or fade. I just get sooo angry when we lose when I planned everything so perfectly and then some marine doesn't listen, or when i do GREAT as a fade, but none of the aliens assist me and fail at my task because of it. (great examples of these, 74-14 as a fade and we lost, most my teammates were 7-9, with extra res to spare in critical momments (100 res is extra res to spare), and yet they arn't helping me save a hive, nor are they killing enemy res towers, just patroling our main hive as our 2nd hive slowly dies) (another example is on marines, i has the aliens in the palm of my hand, not only was i deciding on what my marines did, i was moving the aliens where i wanted them by keeping the tempo of the game high, and making my marines do aggressive tasks while preforming the defensive tasks similiarly, yet when one of my marines ignored me and thought he knew better and went off in a tangent, i started to yell at my marines, eventually i was yelling at a marine to shoot a res node, he was shooting at the big ball and not hitting the res node at all, atempting but didn't know he wasn't shooting it, i ended up not noticing being angred at the other side of the map, until i came back there, seen that he hadn't hit the node, sometimes i get too into it).
          Also though i noticed some other people need to change their attitude, they say "oh infro's going fade we win", even though its nothing like that, kinda annoying to find that people become disheartened from the game (on either side) from someone doing what they are talented at, and then later, yelling at them for not doing what they are talented at. man, i could go on and on forever about soo many different things, probably because no one is perfect, hehe, glad this thread exists, it'll help the community i believe.


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            Re: Self Improvement Part II

            If you get hand gernades as an upgrade before weapson and armor upgrades you deserve to be beaten with a bat. Hand gernades blow and are pointless becuase fades will rape you. They already rape a team with weapon and armor upgrades. If you do this I will just leave the server.


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              Re: Self Improvement Part II

              Thank God, somebody had to say it. Unless aliens have sensory chambers, there is absolutely no point to get hand grenades.


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                Re: Self Improvement Part II

                Even if they have sens its better off to get get motion or more armor/ weapons upgrades.


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                  Re: Self Improvement Part II

                  Well i know im not supposed to talk about aiming, but i know im "Not as good as others" at it, so im going to download some bots, like i already did, and practice when no1s on the server, since i already used up all my points, and im not getting points for playing the bots...

                  Another thing i can improve on is the mic spam... Though im not real bad, i do get a little hyped up when im doing good; 1:1 kill ratio; and when i die i spam by saying none-constructive phrases... So by doing that ill also keep my energy down...

                  Oh ya, and one more thing... Enigma needs to work on his hacks, there starting to get more apparent.


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                    Re: Self Improvement Part II

                    I need to work on aiming, not running straight at marines as a skulk, being good at some advanced form, and maybe thinking about learning the names of different map areas :P




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