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  • tournament scoreboard icons

    With the closing of registration, gone are the generic tournament scoreboard icons.

    Any team wishing to have its own, custom scoreboard icon need only learn how to create the necessary (.tga) file and send it to me, along with the playername of every person on your team, in a PM.

    I'll not help people build their files, but I think the following are the specs you have to follow:

    Targa file (TGA)
    32-bit w/ compression
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    Re: tournament scoreboard icons

    Would you happen to know what programs can be used to make a .tga file?
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      Re: tournament scoreboard icons

      Photoshop can, but other than that I do not know. If necessary you could make your icon in MS Paint, save it as a .bmp, send it to me, and I can .tga it and give it back to you. If you want transparent sections you could either write a description or provide a second .bmp of the icon that is white where you want the icon to be opaque and black where you want it to be transparent. I think there is a pretty good chance that at least one person on each team will have the tool(s) to make a .tga file though.

      To add transparencies in photoshop, make sure there is an "alpha" layer in the "channels" tab and make that layer as I described above (white pixels are opaque, black are transparent).




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