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    hi .... im having probs with the new {cheating death} on the server it keeps giving me this (your system modification is not allowed on this server)ERROR [26] seen as this has only happend after i got the new version from the forums can any1 pls help me PLUS for some reason i see ppl playing without cd so how does that work seen as i keep getting kicked when i aint got it on ...yet my uk pal can play on the server without it ?

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    Re: Help

    The server allows one non-member without CD if there is an admin or tempadmin present. Members may opt not to use CD if they so choose without fearing a kick.

    If your UK friend were fortunate enough, and you unfortunate enough, he might have been that one person without it, and you might have come in after that sole no-CD slot had been filled.

    As to the CD system-modification error, I'm afraid I'm not smart enough for that one. But I can say "Check your PMs and register on". :-)
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      Re: Help

      I used to get that message alot when I updated my video drivers.
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        Re: Help

        I would recommend closing everything you are running, even if they seem mundane. There was even a version of cheating death that detected XFire as a hack (the irony of "Thanks to XFire" in the corner will stay with me forever). Just close absolutely everything, IM, winamp, whatever and try.


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          Re: Help

          For me, this usually happens when I'm programming and/or debugging. It will say this if you have any window named OllyDbg *** or for the most part, have the word OllyDbg anywhere in the title. As well as in MANY other cases. Anything even remotly connected with hacking/programming will get you this annoying screen. (Even if its internet explorer and your browsing OllyDbg's webpage, grumble). Best off closing all the apps and restarting steam/cd and going from there.


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            Re: Help

            Hey guys, I play on TG from time to time, it's a lot of fun. However lately I've been getting an error with Cheating-Death and I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else, or if they can help me. I posted for some help on the CD forums and I was just hoping if someone could help me here. Here are some excerpts from my post over on the CD forums:

            "I recently installed the new version of CD (4.30.1) from as the version I was using (4.29) was needed to play on my favorite server and the update feature was not working. I installed directly over my old CD directory and tried connecting to the server. However, I was only able to play for about 2 minutes before CD gives me a message along the lines of "Your system has been modified, please remove the modification" [code 121]. Up until recently the last version I was using worked fine, and gave me no messages like that."

            Here's the logs:

            *****05/06/07 20:55:07 Cheating-Death GUI v4.30.1 Loaded
            *****05/06/07 20:55:07 SystemInfo: [5:1:a28:2:Service Pack 2][0]
            *****05/06/07 20:55:07 Loaded INI file [1:1118276996:0:0:391:236]
            *****05/06/07 20:55:07 StartMonitorThread(): Started process monitor thread with THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL.


            *****05/06/07 20:41:27 Cheating-Death Loader v4.30.1 Loaded
            *****05/06/07 20:41:28 Successfully loaded [d:\program files\cheating-death\4.30.1\cd.bin].
            *****05/06/07 20:42:39 Cheating-Death Unloaded


            *****05/06/07 20:41:28 Cheating-Death v4.30.1 Loaded
            *****05/06/07 20:41:28 SystemInfo: [1:INTEL Pentium-4 (0f:02:04)][5:1:a28:33c2cb96:2:Service Pack 2][0]
            *****05/06/07 20:41:28 #0 Video Adapter: SiS 650_740 (PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_6325&SUBSYS_811C104D&REV_00)
            *****05/06/07 20:41:29 Info: filesystem_steam.dll hooked successfully.
            *****05/06/07 20:41:32 HL loaded what appears to be the client dll. [half-life\ns\cl_dlls\client.dll] [56E02A5D4BF9194]
            *****05/06/07 20:41:32 Trying to detect current engine...
            *****05/06/07 20:41:32 Checking for 'Half-Life Steam HW'...
            *****05/06/07 20:41:32 Engine type: Half-Life Steam HW [288A13BD]
            *****05/06/07 20:41:32 Cheating-Death has successfully hooked the client dll.
            *****05/06/07 20:41:45 Error: System Modified [121]:[b1c5dca27e6cb5458aa20b0da040edfe3d0691b240d6614566 c5a7e499c6c9215ac9fa2c17f86ccadb0c4a41fee7df46fd58 d2826cbf44f0983e7b99336fa7c049c3a0464e15ba95e86ea6 669ef874e717e9ceb1e86e65e107dead1253f31dede80041c4 bf08]
            *****05/06/07 20:42:37 HL unloaded what appears to be the client dll.

            I'm attempting to play Natural Selection 3.04 on Steam.

            Originally I had the Windows XP firewall enabled with permissions for Cheating-Death to access the internet.

            After I was unable to connect to the server I disabled the firewall to no avail. Additionally I uninstalled Cheating Death, deleted the CD directory, and reinstalled it with no change to my ability to connect to the server.

            I am using Direct3D.

            I am running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2 with all available updates installed.

            My graphics card (more of a chip I think) is a SiS 650_740 32 MB, driver version (crappy I know, but I'm running a crappy computer).
            Is anyone else having problems? It's frustrating the hell out of me as I can't figure out what to do.

            Edit: I also forgot to mention that I tried exiting all programs before I joined and that got me nowhere. I even killed explorer, and still nothing.


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              Re: Help

              I too had a error, code 26, but i closed Xfire/TS and it seems to be working. Oh ya i restarted the computer too.


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                Re: Help

                xfire was causing problems for me also




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