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  • NS players CS stories

    A conversation got me thinking back to the times I've played CS since I've become a NS player, and many of them were fun and funny. It seems to me to be a fact, that on a great many CS servers, an average NS player is at a great advantage. And on a smaller number, an NS player is insanely overpowered.


    I've been kicked many a time from CS servers, because I'd be doing so well they'd think I was hacking.

    A small number of times, after playing NS for a long stretch, I've managed to autobalance the entire server against me.

    Knife only servers- after knifing skulks, humans are just too easy...

    Anyways, I'm hoping some of you would have some interesting stories to tell.

    I'm hoping this topic will still seem like a neat idea once I'm no longer under the influence of sleep deprivation and caffiene..
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    Re: NS players CS stories

    In CS, I got to be REALLY good with the pump shotty. Like you said, after you've broadsided a skulk leaping past you at 150mph, a human model seems absurdly easy. :)
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      Re: NS players CS stories

      Let's see.. I started playing Counter Strike the day that beta 3 came out. God that was a long time ago...

      Ghosts / Dead people could ope doors, use buttons, switches, etc.

      The netcode wasn't updated, allowing the person with the lowest ping to have a huge advantage.

      Maps were good, and not overplayed. Docks imo was the best map evar!

      The games old now, and I'll bet I've played every map over 1000 times (no lie, I used to scrim multiple times a day in my clan) I'm still good at CS1.6, but a little rusty. I go in once and a while. CS:S imo isn't the same game....nothing can match CS.
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        Re: NS players CS stories

        Yeah, I notice that the 8 gage is the most equivlent, that's the one I generally get kicked while using.
        "Chance favors the prepared mind" -Sir Isaac Newton




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