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Early onos in under 5-5 games

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  • Early onos in under 5-5 games

    Its happened to all of us. Were in a little 4-4 game and all of a sudden an onos is rampaging around the map killing rt and basically runing any chance of survival for the marines. I understand that this is the point of the alien propaganda but it still bugs me that someone can just ruin a game by going early onos in such a small game! I think there should be some sort of ruel against it seeing as how it is basically impossible for marines to win or even come close to competing with the aliens when this occurs. Im looking for some feedback and opinions from others, thanks --- silkfrain <hate>

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    As you can see, we're rather divided on the issue. :)

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      We have discussed this extensivly. The conclusion is that it did not warrent a rule, as NS in not designed for such small teams, and it will become a moot point in NS 3.0 with Combat.

      We mearly decided that we would as a community not use Onos in small games, unless the situation warrented it. However public players can do as they please. Are early game Onos hard to beat? Sure, but not impossible.
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        Silk, even though cobra onosed doesn't give you or anyone the right to degrade him or anyone else.Noone deserves that expecially not cobra or alot of people here. In the post wyz showed you SOME of us agreed not to onos in small games cobras opinion is his and if he wants to onos then be on his team or dont play. Cobra is a really cool guy just get to know him more and we just mess around in small games untill more people join. also with the degrading thats like the no swear words rule its just not right to degrade for a game even if its just "you sissy"to "you piece of f***in s*** I hate you blah blah blah" we dont play thoughs games, expecially not a really nice and cool guys and gals like most and all the people here(cept for that bentley guy :D :D )but we just want people to play the game the way it was meant to be played.



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          Small game early onos, or even a super fast fade can ruin a game imo. It doesn't nesessarily *have* to ruin the game, but most of the time it will, since either the marine team lacks the tech or the player skill to handle the situation.
          I haven't played that many games on the TG server yet, but it strikes me as logical that in a tight community which the TG community appears to be, the teams should just agree upon not doing something that might ruin a good game.
          As mentioned before I hang out on *ntfm* Uk servers, especially when the server is empty and a couple of regulars decide to fill it up, we'd just agree upon the alien team not going onos/fade "unessesarily". Most of the time it's the alien team that decides this amongst themselves, because as regulars we're all aware of what we do and do not like in a game, so we act like we'd want our opponents to act as well.
          It might come across as silly to some of you, but it works remarkably well, if you have the right people. Let's face it, if the marines start to take control of the game, you can still go onos with 3 players and end it, because in small games the alien team is usually drowning in resources.

          Basically it all comes down to communication and common sense :)

          Look for a solution in those two areas... if one would want to make it bannable, make it bannable not to communicate rather than going onos.

          It'll always remain a tough nut to crack, but I think it'd be alot easier just using your common sense and try to do whatever it takes to get a great game going, rather than thinking up alot of difficult ways to work around/prevent the problem.


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            Usually in small games, everyone does agree to certain restrictions. No attacking hives/base, no onos, etc. But sometimes it just doesn't happen, and there's nothing to do but make the best of it: get some target practice in, practice commanding, etc.

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              true, just had a game on TG where we initially agreed upon no onos/no hmg, but some muppet came along and went onos, so we slaughtered the aliens :P
              It was a good game though.

              But that's what I'm talking about, communication, even amongst opposing teams. We all know what's best for a game and I'm pretty sure we can all apply it in-game. :)


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                Don't put too much of your time into a small game, its not worth it
                just play around.
                i don't really take small games seriously.. well not as serious as larger ones.
                just don't get mad at little things in small games..


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                  true, just had a game on TG where we initially agreed upon no onos/no hmg, but some muppet came along and went onos, so we slaughtered the aliens
                  It was a good game though.
                  It was a very GG!
                  In retrospect, we should have agreed to no HA no Onos, because a good skulk can take out a LA HMG but we were struggling with a couple of fades to beat shotty HA. Also lurks can be used against LA (spore) and HMG (umbra) but not HA.

                  It was a close game and lasted ages. I think we might have pulled it back after both sides had gone to HMG onos, but two of us (who me?) got caught at the same time gestating into onos by some marauding marines.

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