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GGs tonight (9/10)

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  • GGs tonight (9/10)

    Had a full server for most of the night. Had a lot of good games, especially the captains games. I hafta commend all the regulars that helped out the new player (Ka1gen) during those games as well. The one on ns_veil around 12:40 was probably the best game overall, where aliens pushed back the marines again and again for the victory.
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    Re: GGs tonight (9/10)

    Seriously fun games. Hope to see you all on there again at some point this weekend (like Sunday!).


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      Re: GGs tonight (9/10)

      Blah, unfortunate of me to miss this.

      Glad everyone is having fun with NS again


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        Re: GGs tonight (9/10)

        I actually brought that up in game tonight, lol.
        "Where's Skud, he's always complaining noone ever tells him when we're playing"
        "he was on the other day"

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          Re: GGs tonight (9/10)

          Some great games tonight. I haven't had time to watch these demos yet.

          1009102309 ns_bast
          1009102341 ns_caged
          1009102357 ns_caged
          1009110020 ns_veil
          1009110038 ns_veil

          Thanks go to Spyder/NPA for hosting the server on which our games are played these days.
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            Re: GGs tonight (9/10)

            Oh man, I totally forgot that the server is always watching (and recording).

            Now everyone can see my awful gameplay!

            p.s. Aero, it was fun fading with you that game on veil. Nice amount of teamwork going on for the coordinated strikes.


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              Re: GGs tonight (9/10)

              I dunno if any of you might be interested. I know a few people that play on TG and have been going there lately. A few people from GUD, BAD, and multiple places are starting to rally for a PUG night with captains and such. I'm about to put up another dedicated server Central US 70< for east and west and 40< pings for central Canada even gets around 60's.

              It would be nice to get everyone in on it who might be interested.