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A True Tactical Experince (Crowdsource project?)

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  • A True Tactical Experince (Crowdsource project?)


    Some of you may remember a work in progress towards the end of NS1s existince. A few of us were trying to make a map. Well I don't have huge ammounts of free time but I've been trying to think of a project to do in the time that I do get, and I think I'd be interested in trying to pick up the mapping tool again.

    As such, I'd be interested in hearing all of your ideas and feedback about what kind of map you'd like to see for NS2. What kind of things would you like to see from an NS2 map that you haven't seen before? What plans or strats or features would interest you?

    At current the kind of map I think thats missing from all the maps I've seen on NS2 so far would be a costal or underwater station.

    What would you be interested in seeing or helping create?

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    Re: A True Tactical Experince (Crowdsource project?)

    an underwater map would be killer! I'd be happy to help in my spare time!


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      Re: A True Tactical Experince (Crowdsource project?)

      I'd be willing to devote some time, I've got imagination and time to sketch floor plans. Mapping could be a fun challenge.
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        Re: A True Tactical Experince (Crowdsource project?)

        Underwater would be cool. I guess that would be the "outside" of the map, not sure if players can actually swim in water, never seen it on any map.
        As for map layout I have a few ideas I've been rolling in my head...
        1) Multi-level platforms, possibly moving platforms but something marines would also have access to (not just for aliens).
        2) A map that includes much more height in it's design. For example, some rooms or tech points would be 1 or 2 "floors" above the base floor. The new Decent map did a little of this, and some of the older maps too, but I would like to see more of it.
        3) Maze style map design where some junctions are made with 4 doors (N, S, E, W) which would force newer players to look at their map once and a while so they don't get lost! lol
        4) Maps with "secret" rooms to take a time out when heavily damaged. Might make things interesting. Thinking of how they have hidden rooms in the lobby rooms...something like that.
        5) Maps with a couple areas with more narrow hallways, something to use to change strategy a little so it would block larger units like Onos or Exo's.

        I breifly looked into making maps with Unreal Engine for UT3 a long time back but didn't have the time. I might have more time for doing things like that now but I'd need to self teach. I am a fast learner and I have already done things with many languages:
        Visual Studio .NET (Wrote apps for my company with it)
        VBA (Expert in coding with this language, I can do pretty much anything you can dream of, but it's more geared to business use)
        ASPECT (Old school language from Procomm Plus, discontinued but still used widely today in the tech world for scripting Serial Port stuff (i.e. good old COM1)
        UNIX - know enough to get around and do basic stuff, manage lots of IP routers in our network with it.
        SQL, Oracle, and general database crap. I call it crap because data is the bane of my existance! You know you are in data hell when you work laptop continually tells you that you are out of memory... :-(



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          Re: A True Tactical Experince (Crowdsource project?)

          I've done alot with hammer, only played a little with Spark's level editor. I use to have a coppy of 3DS max too but its on a harddrive I don't have access to currently.




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