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Experiment With Rock Faces

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  • Experiment With Rock Faces

    I was thinking about what we ought to be showing with the map. It's basically an industrial processing plant / mine in a set of caves, at least, in my mind.

    Industrial areas are by far the easiest to do of any environments. They're boxy, and that's what hammer does the most quickly.

    The caves and mines, however, take a bit more effort|skill to make look decent. I found a couple tutorials on them, the first is by far the best but the second may prove useful to someone so I'll include it as well.

    I did a little testing with the method and it actually works very well in my opinion. I extended the method to fully encircle the player and included the rmf with the bsp this time so that you guys could experiment. This is basically just to say "I'm not dead" and maybe help with something that could prove challenging to other mappers desiring cave faces, especially considering how prevelant that theme should be toward the hive rooms.



    :alt tutorial: (high poly)

    Have fun.

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    Re: Experiment With Rock Faces

    I can testify that #2 can give you some very nice walls, but it will put a little more strain on the system. When I'm back on campus I can link you guys to some maps I have made for TFC using rock walls. What I did was basically what the second toturial does but without the last step.

    You will find that making those walls will be very time consuming, but well worth the effort. It may take some time getting used to vertex manipulation but it's a great tool once you get the hang of whats a valid object and what isn't.




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