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  • Map Balance Considerations

    Originally posted by Donat View Post
    I really hope that i can make it fun for all and not end up with another ns_bast! :(
    Can we all agree that, no matter how much testing we do or how balanced we think our rooms are, the map is considered UNTESTED until after it gets released and then thoroughly playtested through what will probably be multiple drafts of release candidates?

    The only reason a map needs to be rejected is for being not-fun.

    Not-fun can come about by:
    - lack of balance
    - boring flow
    - retarded gameplay (see: siege)
    - a stupid community who hates any new maps

    I can't do anything about having a stupid community, so we're probably toast anyway. I CAN and will do everything I can to make the map balanced, with intriguing gameplay and good flow.


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    Re: Map Balance Considerations

    Well, of course. I don't plan to wind up with bast tr siege.... I am more concentrating on making it NOT look like a boxy sqare polycube world. Adding infestation, water, sounds stuff like that. I'm prayin it doesn't have - lack of balance, -boring flow. I'm working on my hive for example, at first onoses couldn't get out (fixed that and working on it still) but thats done, also i'm refining the vent system (main one) making the halways interesting and having plenty of ways to get around the map, as it is right now the map only has a few limited halways that can only be accessed in one direction, but i'm working on that and i have half the map to go

    Also i must get yermo to finish his hive and send it to me, i gotta figure out what happened to lost / irish_pirate and others. Many things.

    On top of all that i need to figure out how to work a batch complier so that i can run the ns.hull file for onoses and make sure they don't get stuck (unless anyone can tell me how to set it up so that the hammer complier will run it as a hull) Because i think it would suck if it came down to the first play-test and people got stuck whenever they onosed.

    At any rate, i really pray and hope for a play-test soon, i'm thinking closed on a friday or saturday night and people free around then can PM me if interested and then i can talk to the admins about testing it.

    Thats a wee bit off as the map only has 1 hive currently, but it should be at least in one months time (depending) or maybe even sooner if i commit some time a week to working on it. At any rate, its getting done.


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      Re: Map Balance Considerations

      I don't have any experience with ambient sound, but I would love to add little details around the map.

      I'll do what I can to get a hive going for you guys, but as far as a playtest goes never underestimate the value of closing up a map, compliling it, and looking over it with a few people for ideas. You don't need to have a functioning map to check out the progress. Something like this might be good to get us all on the same base (or to get me on the same base).


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        Re: Map Balance Considerations

        sure, whenever you have time i can so you the most recent batch complied map (that onoses don't get stuck on) i could EVEN make it a co map and we could play it... BUAHHA....

        at any rate, yea sure and i do have a few ambients in there too




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