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    Since this is the first time I've worked on a map that (should) expect real gameplay, I would prefer that we use an established template, and then work kinks out from there.

    For this, I turned to ns_tanith:

    I extracted the important areas and came up with the following. Red are hives, green are nodes (not terribly important right now, but I left them in for scope clarity) and of course, cyan is Cargo, which I'll refer to as the secondary objective:

    I suggest (as the picture indicates) that the control room be placed where cargo would be, moved slightly toward marine start, as the room is useless without the triggers, which are much deeper in the map (likely one in each hive, altered for balance), and also because the room makes for a good ambush point for game flow.

    Besides that, I would leave the map with similar flow to Tanith, which makes things simple for someone putting it together, and should make it intuitive to new players.

    On a personal note, I think that having one unique element to a map (similar to Cargo) is a very positive thing - it changes the map from "oh look, a new hill to walk on, I'll play on this for sure" into a truly unique experience, and while I know as well as anyone how frustrating and unintuitive an overcomplicated map can be, I think this layout design won't have that effect since it should end up fairly intuitive as it's similar to what people are used to.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Re: Map Flow

    This map isn't as well planned as it could be.... I didn't at first intend of making it all just a part. But now its evolved as i've drawn up new rooms and new map configurations, then threw out those configurations to put in other people's map parts. there are still plenty of places left to make, i would make a minimap but that means i'd have to complie it and to do that i have to make all the leaks go away (not that there are many i'd mainly have to cover the exits).

    Its all our maps so i can defintly send it to you when its a bit more coherent hehe.


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      Re: Map Flow

      Out of bordem, behold, the lazyman's paint version of the map! (current layout only, unfinished and unconnected)

      Don't look if you want the uncompleted playtest to be a surprise!

      color key:


      black - completed rooms, awaiting detail
      red - vents
      yellow - uncompleted rooms / people's map parts
      blue - Marine Start (modified from yer mom's room)
      green - Hive (Notice none really have connections to them yet)


      brown - Current RT placement (not all there yet)
      orange - Current rooms / hives donated by TG members.




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