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What are the rules on the server?

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  • What are the rules on the server?

    This server is for mature NS2 players of all skill levels.

    Kicks are your warning. Bans are your invitation to contact an NS admin.

    LANGUAGE : Free television rules apply, mostly

    Any regular (who, per community rules, has read all rules, including this one) who uses a racial or sexual slur may without warning receive a ban, the length of which would be determined by its issuer. Tolerance has its place, but no tolerance is shown for racial or sexual slurs.

    RESPECT : Treat fellow players with respect (no slurs)
    COMMUNICATION : If you don't communicate, you don't play here
    FOLLOW ORDERS : If COMM/KHAMM explicitly tells you to do something, do it
    TEAMWORK : A TG foundation: your team comes first (always)
    RECYCLING/F4ING : Suddenly quitting is not allowed. Play to stay.
    EXPLOITING : Don't exploit map or other defects during gameplay.
    HACCUSATIONS : Don't discuss/accuse/insinuate/etc cheating while on the game server, even if it's happening. Create a CAA thread to report players you suspect to be cheating. Do not, in any way, discuss it on the game server (maaayyybe with admin chat, but that's not ideal, as snap judgements are rarely appropriate).
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