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    Good afternoon. This is your new captain speaking. Our cruising altitude will be about two feet (depending on the height of your desk) and we expect clear skies all the way through to Seattle...

    I have been asked to become the new Game Officer for Tactical Gamer's Natural Selection camp, and I have accepted this offer.

    Wyzcrak has chosen to step down from the TGNS Game Officer limelight for personal reasons. To my knowledge, he plans to continue playing, which is very good, as I wouldn't want to have to force him to do so. :) His years of service to the TGNS community have been invaluable, and while he may no longer be at the helm, he still plans to contribute to the community, including as a player and plugin developer, and for this, I am especially grateful.

    More to come as the transition completes. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about me, my new position, or anything under the sun.
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