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  • [t.e.s.t.s.] Alpha 1

    T.E.S.T.S. - Tactics, Experience, Strategy, Teamwork, Skill
    A system that promotes success that just so happens it falls into an applicable acronym.
    by Jonathan "micr0c0sm" Dehan

    1. Identify what each of the individual components mean in your context.
    2. Evaluate your teams strongest asset, second strongest, etc.
    3. Improve in the most needing area.
    4. Repeat from step one.

    1. Tactics
    Definition: Individual actions that help propel the overall strategy.
    Improvement: Drill. Make sure everyone on your team, even people who don't normally play the role can do it.
    Evaluation: Find out who on your team is comfortable with what tactics.
    Progress: When the tactic is excecuted successfully and effeciently, the less time the better (usually).

    2. Experience
    Definition: Knowledge of and skill in something gained through being involved in or exposed to it over a period of time.
    Improvement: Scrim. Play each match as if it was the tournament finals. Practice daily. It is more important to have shorter practices every day, then longer ones that are spread out. This takes commitment.
    Evaluation: Talk to your teammates, some may have more or less experience than you thought. Count experience from other games too.
    Progress: When people start making in game decisions with little time for deliberation, when habits are formed from things you needed to be told before, that is experience.

    3. Strategy
    Definition: Overall plan-forumation. Where the bosses get together and thing of long term goals, methods of winning.
    Improvement: There are two parts to this, formulating plans, and executing. Execution and further refining of strategies only come after actually implementing them. Formulating plans, as a general guideline, stick with tried but true before doing anything funky.
    Evaluation: You must evaluate how well the strategies work for other people, or historically, and then see how well they work for your team, and who has experience with each strat.
    Progress: When your team surprises other teams, catching them unaware, or when other teams start to mimick your strategies, then you have improved greatly.

    4. Teamwork
    Definition: How well the individuals work together on the field. Synergy. Having teammates just fall into roles automatically.
    Improvement: Whenever you play the game, first try *hard* to get the rest of your team together to play with you. Schedule daily meetings.
    Evaluation: Early teamwork is hard to gauge. Most teams know each other in a semi or non competitive environment. How the team dynamics change in a competitive environment remains to be seen. Make sure everyone knows each others team goals, and personal goals in this venture.
    Progress: When your buddies are right there where you needed them, when you needed them, consistently, you have made progress.

    5. Skill
    Definition: How well each individual plays the game. How well they shoot. Dodge. Some games have special skills such as bunnyhopping, or augmentations to skills, such as scripting.
    Improvement: Drill. Practice. Play with handicaps. Unbind keys to learn how to dodge without jumping, etc. Have your entire team ambush you, etc.
    Evaluation: You should be honest with your team. You are here to improve. Be nice, but frank when evaluated every member, including yourself. Do not be overly humble either.
    Progress: When you surprise your teammates or yourself, consistently, you know you are improving.

    The System In Action:
    There should be one thread with the following five (editable) posts.
    1. Identification.
    Post what each of the five areas above mean in your context (game and team).
    2. Evaluation.
    Rank your strength and weaknesses, and explain in as much detail why. Do not offer suggestions for improvement.
    3. Improvement.
    The general format for improvement is as follows.
    Area: Tactics, Experience, Strategy, Teamwork, or Skill?
    Focus: More specific, like skill-aim.
    Type: Drill, other?
    Players: # from team, # from other team etc.
    Method: The meat of it.
    4. Progress.
    5. Current Task.
    What should the team be focusing on when practicing, what should each individual focus on?
    Each of these posts should have a subsection in the five main T.E.S.T.S. areas.



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