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  • [INFO] Marine Tips for NS2

    Marines (Soldier)
    1. When the game just begins, buddy up with a fellow marine and push out in one direction on the map where there are resource towers. If you already see marines going towards that direction on the map, go the opposite direction so your team can control more map. If nobody is staying in base to build for the commander, stay in base and build buildings for the commander while defending the base against early skulk rushes.
    2. When you get to a room with a resource node near your main base, request the commander to drop the resource tower so you can build it. Try building the resource tower where you can see the entrances into the room and therefore prevent skulks from sneaking up on you. As you advance to further and further rooms, start checking ceilings and being more conservative about requesting resource towers that you may not be able to defend.
    3. When engaging skulks, don't "blow your load" early by holding down your trigger finger. Doing so will let the skulk know that you have to pause to reload, and allow them to rush in when you aren't ready. Instead, keep them at a distance if they have not charged at you yet by bursting and lowering their HP.
    4. When you reach a room that has a Tech Point (for Hives or Command Chairs), make sure you let the commander know. Typically you will be asked to build additional buildings such as phase gates.
    5. In any room that you are defending, try finding high ground (pipes, crates) or stand behind walls/corners where Skulks will not see you immediately. This allows you to ambush skulks as they enter the room. If you have multiple marines, try standing near the entrance against the wall and baiting skulks into attacking the other marine who is visible. This allows you to "trap" the skulk and shoot it from behind.
    6. Consider getting a welder when it is upgraded. Having one allows medpack drops to be 100% more efficient as you can repair marines.
    7. If you are using an LMG, understand that it can basically kill any alien if you land enough hits. Try lining up skulks by putting your back against a wall (so you only need to shoot in a 180 degree). Against lerks or fades, try cornering so that lerks have to engage you point blank (if they are the biting type), while fades have to sacrifice their armor to kill you (1 clip will strip the armor off a fade). Doing this will mean a fade has to back out of the room or risk getting killed by your marine buddies.
    8. Shotguns are not a efficient investment unless you are using the buddy system (you and a marine always roam in pairs or greater). This increases the chance for you or your buddies to recover the 20 resources it takes for the shotgun. Shotguns are effective only at point blank range (for the most part) and are not "better" weapons than the AR. Shotguns are best situationally against expert Lerks (these guys fly around fast and use spores to kill you!) or hit and run fades (Fades who use Blink as opposed to Shift). The reason for this is that shotguns can do instant damage in that instant these fast aliens engage you at close range and generally it takes only 2 direct hits to kill these higher lifeforms.
    9. When fighting Onos, you should try to surround the alien. Onos can take a lot of damage from Marines, but any Onos that over commits in an engagement will likely want to retreat.
    10. Jetpack flying should be done by tapping spacebar in intervals to get the "boost" while hovering. This will allow you to fly around a lot longer. Jetpacks are a great way to make Onos think twice about attacking a room, or combine it with a grenade launcher to make aliens sweat a bit.
    11. Exos at maximum armor take less than 6 hits from an Onos to destroy. In that same amount of time, you will only be able to shoot 1 entire volley of your dual miniguns. Therefore, Exos should never wander alone (2 skulks can kill an exo in the exact same amount of time, while being much harder to hit due to the Exo's size). Anytime you consider getting into an Exo, request a marine to weld you, and make sure you are moving as a group with other marines.
    12. For an Exo to fight efficiently, you should already have a welder at your back. You also should be positioned NOT forward in the room, but at the furthest location possible where Onos will attack. Exos cannot beat a Onos 1v1 period. Therefore you must use range to your advantage OR numbers (1 Exo + 3 marines is enough to easily kill an Onos. Have the marines cut off the Onos when it enters a room while the Exo shoots at its face). You should not get into an Exo if it has less than 2 armor upgrades (basically its too risk to lose the resources without more armor). Exos can jump slightly by holding down space. This allows you to hop over low buildings.
    13. Flamethrowers are inefficient weapons. They do little damage to alien lifeforms and comparable damage to buildings (compared to the AR). Flamethrowers do remove spore clouds that lerks put down, making it somewhat of a deterrent against lerks.
    14. Grenade launchers are much better for room clearing and covering Exos compared to Flamethrowers. If you are supporting Exos and will not be able to save for an Exo, buy a grenade launcher and welder. You'll rack up kills on skulks trying to buy Exos and blow up hive buildingss.
    15. Welders are great for killing Cysts, but not alien buildings. Welders do bonus damage only versus Cysts. They do half damage compared to the hatchet against alien lifeforms. If you have a welder, it is more efficient to shoot a structure down with ammo, and request 1 ammo pack from the commander.
    16. A single ammo pack will refill your entire currently held weapon ammo reserves. You don't need more than 1 ammo pack.

    1. Press spacebar to jump to the last Alert (medpack/ammo requests, threats).
    2. Expand away from the Alien hive start. Try to take at least 1 tech point and all the resource towers between it.
    3. Always attempt to contest a double resource node room. To do this properly, get phasegates before you get an Arms lab.
    4. When using Sentry batteries to defend a choke point, always position it either: [A] covering the structures in a room from a corner, using a triangular spread pattern [B] in a triangle spread pattern right next to the powernode [C] in the middle of a choke or T section and having the sentries point inwards at each other so at least 1 turret covers the other turret.
    5. Always build 1 observatory in each Tech Point so you can distress there.
    6. Consider getting Jetpacks instead of Exos if the map has high ceilings.
    7. Consider skipping shotguns/flamethrowers/mines if you want to make sure your marines do not blow their resources on inefficient equipment.
    8. Do not drop a second Command Chair until you have an advanced armory (unless your tech point is in a place that benefits from additional IPs to spawn solders there).
    9. Building Arcs from an Upgraded Robotics factory is generally inefficient except when attacking a hive that is heavily defended.
    10. If you are planning on Exos, upgrade Armor over Weapons. Exos benefit from Armor upgrades much more than weapon upgrades.
    11. Drop welders for your marines to help them build structures slightly faster.
    12. The name of the game for Marines is resources. Take map control and then hold the map. Use sentries if it means your marines will not have to be spread out as much. Make sure you have your marines patrol just outside your controlled areas so that they are always close enough to defend, while far enough to pressure alien RTs. Your goal is to hold at least 4 resource towers at all times so that you have a chance to get late game tech.

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    Re: Marine Tips for NS2

    Excellent compilation!

    17 - Use your left and right strafe keys to move in combat to avoid skulks, as it is either the same speed or slightly less than straight forward and it is more likely to keep the skulk in your forward view instead of chewing on your rear.

    18 - Most vents are accessible by both sides, if there is a structure below a wall vent then it is likely you can jump into it. Don't spend the game in there, but using them reduces their benefit to the skulks and gorges that like to use them.

    4a - Sentries are not intended to be anything but a deterrent, and are not effective for most situations as they have limited range and the negatives that Avs noted. They aren't worth their points in the early game when there is more important stuff to buy and they die to bile and onos in the late game. Use them sparingly.

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