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  • [INFO] TGNS open-source mods repository

    UWE encourages the NS2 community to modify game files to suit niche interests. TGNS does just that, mostly to address community-building and administrative opportunities (core gameplay modifications are quite rare). With Natural Selection 2, TGNS is open-sourcing most of the custom modifications contributed by our community members, to drive two goals:

    1) actively facilitate mod contributions from our TGNS community
    2) passively contribute back to the NS2 mod community at large

    The code comes with no support or documentation (beyond what you see) and is offered AS IS. Anyone may use and modify it in any capacity, on any server. TGNS does strive to be unique. Some files we use on the server will not be released publicly.

    We've created a repository and will be accepting pull requests (that's a process by which your modifications to our code can be accepted by us as we see fit). The contents of this repository may not always match exactly the code which is deployed to TGNS (at the discretion of its administration).

    That's my account that's hosting the master repo. Feel free to fork it to your account if you like. Do submit pull requests if you like. Only code which we think we'll use on TGNS will be committed to this repository.

    At times, this repository will include source files of third-party, open-source modifications used on the server. We will regularly contribute back to those codebases changes we think they would appreciate receiving.

    Do you want to create/improve mods for TGNS? Let us know how we can help, and thank you in advance for contributing.
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