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  • Captains design proposal

    Where I try to describe how ensl gathers work, and adapt the good to a possible proposal for how captains games can work well in our community, from a technical and social standpoint. This is a dream world where its ok for TGNS to be shown as 'modded' in the server browser. Please do not derail good discussion with discussion about whether or not that is a good decision. Let's assume we can work around that issue and just poke holes in the rest of the plugin :)


    You hit 'join gather' to say you are ready and willing to play 2 rounds in a row, and are added to a list of players in the gather. Then you have a vote for captain, a vote for map, and a vote for server. You may abstain from voting, and you may change your vote at any time. All votes are updated in realtime for all players. Once 12 people are in the gather, teampicking starts. The top two voted captains must captain, and this works out amazingly well. I have rarely had a bad or unbalanced gather, and I attribute it to this simple rule.

    The top map is what the gather usually starts on, but if enough people want to play another map, the captains can talk to each other after conversing with the team and decide to switch to another map if they want to, which happens maybe 25% of the time.

    The whole ordeal (once 12 people actually show up) is done in <4 minutes, including time to call out strats and bathroom breaks to game countdown.

    TGNS Captains Proposal

    This proposal assumes that the captains are mature people who will communicate their intentions with the server. There are lots of ways to exploit the system, but they should be covered by that and the simple fact that at least 75% of the server wants to play a captains game. If you find flaws that are not covered by communications, or if you find ways to streamline the process please chime in!

    Starting a captains game
    • Teamchat /joincaptains to join a captains game.
    • Your scoreboard is updated to include a 'Capt' column with a radiobutton that exists for anyone else who joined captains.
    • When there are 12 people who have joined, the mapchange countdown is stopped, and after the natural end of the current match, captains mode is enabled.

    Captains Mode Enabled
    • Everyones scoreboard in the server is updated so that they may vote a captain. After 30 seconds, votes are tallied and the top 2 must captain.
    • A single mapvote appears on everyones screen, with 5 map choices and one abstain choice. This is displayed for everyone, and only as a guideline for the captains of what map people want to play.
    • A single mapvote appears on the captains screen, which changes the map, and enables tournamentmode.

    • Tournament mode is on, just need the captains to say ready and the match begins.

    End of Round
    • If everyone is still around after the first half, we can just switch sides.

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    Re: Captains design proposal

    The only thing I'd change off the top of my head is that only the people that /joincaptains should be in the voting pool to be a captain, so that would make is somewhat of an opt in position.
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      Re: Captains design proposal

      Good idea. So it would only be the 12 people who initiated it.




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