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  • Quick Guide for Alien Coms

    This is a quick run down of what to do as an Alien com, going from zero to commanding hero... Ok that was cheesy. Anywho you first jump into the hive and now its time to play. Best results I've found is to send all of your alien units to spread out as far as possible, some go left some go right. They don't need to stop at res points because you'll be building them by yourself. Aliens especially early on should be using a lie-and-wait tactic. Figure out how many marines there are coming to attack, hit the first one in the back and move on from there. I'm getting off topic, I'll save Alien strategy for another guide.

    For every commander the most pressed button should be C to bring up the big map to jump quickly around and to see any buildings or units that are being attacked. (word of warning if you have selected a hive you will upgrade to Shift hive, if you are on the advanced build menu you will build a spur. If you right click it will cancel the placement of any building. If you accidentally started upgrading the hive by accident you can still cancel it by accident. If you dropped a spur or any building by accident, tough luck its building move on.)

    So as soon as the game starts, your first goal is RES, RES, RES!!! spread your influence as far as possible, the marines will be rushing in 2 separate directions, you should have 2 additional res nodes, close to home that you need to lock down ASAP. After that make sure that you can hold res nodes before you drop them the farther out you go. After you hold 4-5 Mature res nodes now you can start thinking about upgrading your main hive or dropping you second hive. The hive you upgrade first should depend on how your first encounter with marines go. It'll end in a few ways, either everyone dies, you hold 1 tech point the other side got wiped out and the last is you hold 2 main tech points and can defend them.

    If everyone dies, or you hold 1 tech point you're going to want to upgrade shift hive first a celerity upgrade will give your team greater movement speed, and a faster moving enemy is harder to hit. This means less damage done to each unit, and a faster response time to wherever they are needed. A shift will also allow you to spawn eggs wherever you need support. This is really useful for supporting a new hive growing, and a shift will also allow a gorge to heal a hive faster as it replenishes the energy of any surrounding unit. Also a favorite for me is to have a mature and upgraded shift near your upgrades, echo will allow you to move upgrades around the map whenever an enemy is attacking. Check this link for more info on Shift hives

    If you manage to hold on all fronts, it can be fun to mess around with different ideas, a crag hive upgraded with carapace will allow your units to survive longer in a gun fight and makes it easier to hold a gorge fortified position, this is also useful for healing new hives, 2 crags can bring a new hive to max health within a minute and a half. It will not build the hive any faster but it will make sure that in hostile territory your hive will survive long enough for reinforcements to arrive and clear out the trouble makers, also crags have the ability to heal at a distance, they don't need to be next to the hive. This will give them a better chance to heal the hive incase the enemy starts arcing through the walls.

    Finally Shade hive is fun to use for a first hive but is rarely used because it doesn't help with the creation of new hives so most people will use it as a 3rd and final hive, its a last screw you to the marines. Shade hives, camo first or silence if the enemy has already put a lot of observatories around the map. The lie-and-wait strategy. Allow a marine force to run past you, then creep up behind them and hit them hard, this is particularly useful to starve them of res, if 2 marines are building a power node don't attack them, wait for them to start building another building then attack one with their back turned to you. Once you kill them they can destroy the unit that has been dropped great way to kill res points, as they have less than 1000 health when they are first touched.

    Any way that you choose to upgrade your hive, your first goal should be Res, aliens are an expensive race for TRes, cheap for PRes. Make sure that you hold all of your res nodes and your team will help pick up the slack. My first goal in all my games is to lock down a second hive, first upgrade is the new hive that just dropped to crag if you haven't done it yet, or shift if you went crag first. With crag hive all skulks should upgrade Carapace asap, by this time the marines should have started getting weapons upgrades and this will make sure that they last longer in any fire fight.

    When you have spare res, I would recommend "super cysting" all the area you control, this will stop a lone marine from dropping a phase gate in your territory without your knowledge as they will have to destroy a cyst to begin building. cover all the floor space you can and keep an eye on your mini-map. Sending out drifters ASAP is also useful, they travel fast around the maps, they can be expensive at the start of the match, put them out of the way, tucked into corners and behind boxes. They are invisible when they are standing still, and can spray units with an ability that revs their attack speed to 150% but also makes them glow bright red, great for a stealthy gorge siege. More importantly though is the eyes around the map, seeing enemy units will give you the edge in preparing for their attacks. (consistently under used but remember knowledge is power!)

    At the same time you're upgrading your hive start some other upgrades on your initial hive, I would go Bile bomb first, as this will change the gorge from a support class to a full out siege class. 3 bile bombing gorges can take out power in a very short time, and clear out a forward base in no time as long as they have support. As soon as the new hive is ready to upgrade I would start blink if you have some people who want to go fade as this takes the longest to upgrade out of all the second hive upgrades. If no blink, I would immediately upgrade Leap as this will help your skulks close the gap when attacking marines, and help them travel faster, plus everyone who spawns will get this upgrade. Spores are useful for clearing out fortified marine positions but that can wait til your either flush with res or have already dropped your 3rd hive.

    During the time that you're fighting for a 3rd hive position, its important that you make sure that your Res infrastructure is held strong, and you want to be hitting as many Marine res towers as possible, they will be trying to protect them. But keep taking them out!!! A poor marine is a weak marine! If they have a lot of res, they're going to start getting upgraded weapons. If Jetpacks and Exos come out, your first goal should be to take out a Com chair (gorges bile bombs do a treat for taking out fortified enemy positions).

    Now that you've gotten a 3rd Hive position, drop that hive immediately and drop a shift to allow a gorge to help build it faster for you. Once its dropped upgrade the hive first and at the same time start upgrading your 1st and 2nd hives with 3rd tier upgrades. Stomp should be first ALWAYS! It increases the effectiveness of every Onos by 200% knock down a few marines and go for the ones still standing. Less people firing means less damage to the Onos. Umbra should be upgraded at the same time, this blocks 50% of all Marine bullets (unfortunately it does nothing with grenade launchers and flame throwers neutralize anything that comes out of the Lerks body eg. spores and umbra). Umbra will make any encounter with a marine more stacked on your side, effectively doubling the health of every unit inside the cloud or blocking marines views.

    If you see grenades build whips protecting the hives, whips are also good to protect power nodes deep in your territory, no marine can build a node if they have to kill a whip first, its noisy and hopefully will kill them (or at least give reinforcements time to arrive).

    As a commander you rely on your units it hold your res points, to make sure they do this, build forward bases whenever res permits. If you hear a unit call for a mist (the light growl) or an alert about your buildings being attacked press spacebar (by default) and you will jump straight to them. My rule of thumb is fade or Onos I'll mist, its also a great way to force mature buildings, a mature building has more health and (most) have the ability to be upgraded.

    Some things to keep in mind as an alien Com:

    -Your buildings need creep in order to survive, without it they starve to death.
    -Cysts create creep, and if placed to close together they self destruct
    -If a marine is hitting a cyst, use its burst ability to bile down their armor and make them easy pray for your units
    -Whips are good as warning signals, but are not made to be a proper defender
    -Mist matures everything it touches, but will not help with the initial build of a building (gorges do though)
    -Upgrades are important, go most important to least used
    -Protect your eggs, and spawn forward ones if you are preparing for a push
    -Support your units and they will fight for you unquestioningly, nothing more frustrating than everyone running around doing their own thing, tell people where to go.
    -Shades ink can be used to temporarily stop arc attacks
    -Upgrades should depend on how your units are performing, not on a standardized structure, be flexible in your plans.
    -Remember the amount of units on the field are finite, if you're receiving a big push at a base or having problems holding a room, 2 skulks or a lerk and a gorge can hold any room by themselves for a pretty long time, especially if they are supported with Crags and Shifts. Have the rest of the team take this time to attack another enemy base.
    -If you hear a beacon, tell them to run!
    -Make sure you know when the game starts who's going to be what unit. 5 Lerks may be fun, but they're not going to clear rooms and gain territory. Have minimum 2 people saving for Onos to help push when you have Res
    -As always proper Communication about enemy moves will win you every match

    DO AS I COMMAND - Megatron possibly the hardest working commander ever known.

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    Re: Quick Guide for Alien Coms

    For quick deployment of your drifters set way points of the hive with right click before you build the drifter. The drifter will move exactly where you want it to go after its built. By the time you've selected the second placement for the next drifter the build of the initial one will have finished. Set and forget.
    DO AS I COMMAND - Megatron possibly the hardest working commander ever known.


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      Re: Quick Guide for Alien Coms

      Nice writeup. And yes yes yes on getting at least a couple of drifters out. They are literally mobile line of sight obs that only cost 3 res.

      And one thing I've been doing for a while now is going gorge after dropping the first upgrade and covering it with clogs and drop three hydras in the hive room. Your res is entirely useless while in the hive so there's no downside to this, but it can be very helpful at keeping your early upgrade alive as well as keeping rambo marines busy until backup arrives. Also, alien khamms should hop out of the hive if it's threatened much more freely than a marine comm.
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