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Be the best skulk you can be!

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  • [GUIDE] Be the best skulk you can be!

    As a quick disclaimer, I am by no means an amazing skulk player, but do consider myself above average. That said, anyone who wishes to add or correct anything I write please feel free to do so.

    As the skulk is the life form you spend the most time as it is important to become comfortable with it. While unskilled skulks can still be useful for destroying marine structures or simply absorbing some bullets it is the skulks that can consistently win skirmishes against marines who really help win games. The skulk is a very versatile life form, adept at moving around the map quickly, allowing it to strike behind enemy lines as well as engaging marines directly. the skulk bite, unlike the lerk bite or fade swipe, does decent damage against marines and structures, meaning they are capable of killing both in a reasonable amount of time. The major weakness of the skulk is it's health. With only a measly 70 hp and 10 armor skulks fall to 9 or 10 bullets. As they are so frail, a skulk must rely on his agility to survive. All of that said, here are a few tips on how to be a better skulk.

    1.The five D's: Duck dodge dip dive

    you're a marine who just turned the corner from topographical and you're about to head down the hallway to east junction when a skulk rounds the corner and begins to run straight at you. After easily dispatching it with a quick burst of fire you silently shake your head in mild disgust. That skulk could of made you work much harder, or even killed you had he made just a bit of effort! As a skulk it is important to always be moving in an unpredictable manner when engaging marines. Move from side to side, jump and utilize the walls and ceilings on your approach. Many rooms have pipes, beams, and other things on the ceilings and walls that you can use as cover. One can often utilize these to bait the marine into shooting at you, and when he is low on ammunition you are then free to strike while he is vulnerable. Another great gap closer in the skulks arsenal is leap. Simply right click and you'll propel yourself forwards, hopefully right into the face of your enemy. Keep in mind that when doing this you have limited air control, so use that to swerve a little while flying through the air. It should be noted that leap costs a lot of energy to use, and one can only use it two or three times before having to recharge, this can however be compensated for by using adrenaline, which is a good idea to get if you are facing jetpackers. Also, one must remember that leap can also be used to escape sticky situations, it's often better to survive a fight instead of dying for the cause, especially if your team is low on eggs. finally, it is also useful to remember that while actually engaging a marine up close that constantly jumping can be a bad thing, as you don't have full control of your movement while in the air you may find yourself widening the gap after a jump instead of closing it so be careful.

    2. Be very quiet, I'm hunting marines!

    You're sitting above the exit of hallway, just waiting for those two marines to come close. A quick glance at your map shows a friendly skulk coming towards your position. great! the more the merrier right? Unfortunately he fails to utilize his walk button, and simply runs up to where you're sitting, alerting the marines to the presence of a skulk. Now prepared, the marines have a much higher chance of coming out of the skirmish on top. Remember to always be courteous to your fellow players, if you see a fellow teammate attempting to be stealthy don't blow his cover by running. Either walk up to his position or wait nearby and engage when he does. Most marines are constantly straining their ears for the tell tale sound of skulk claws clacking against metal, if they don't hear it many marines tend to let their guard down, so trying to stay silent is an excellent way of catching your opponent off guard. When you think you may be approaching an area where marines are likely to be it often pays to slow down to a walk and listen for a moment. If you hear the sound of marines you can then alert your teammates and set up an ambush. Unsurprisingly, both upgrades from the shade hive assist stealth greatly. Silence is great for being able to run at full speed without alerting marines, while cloaking can allow you to walk right up to them unmolested. Cloaking is however countered by observatories and scans, so keep that in mind.

    3. Strength in numbers lads! Strength in numbers!

    Every Khammander knows the frustration of watching a line of skulks filter into a room one by one and getting gunned down. Remember that you are much more powerful in numbers. If the odds are against you it usually a good idea to wait for some teammates to show up before attacking. Also, when entering a room try to spread out as much as possible. Having skulks entering a room from the floor, walls and ceiling is much more effective than entering all bunched up (and also scarier!). If possible, try and come in from multiple directions as well.

    4. Upgrades

    As a skulk you can generally make use of every upgrade, and it is up to your personal preferences as to which you should take. That said, you should consider what you will be doing before picking upgrades. Going to be attacking marines head on? celerity and carapace may be the way to go. Going around chomping on extractors? regeneration, adrenaline and silence may be what you want. Remember to also make use of your other abilities Parasiting a marine is a good move if you don't think you can kill him outright. Also remember to make use of leap to get around the map faster. Xenocide can be fun to use as well, but is generally not going to be a factor in most games. Still, if you find yourself facing a clump of marines it may be better to simply leap in and suicide bomb them instead of trying to bite them down, especially if you have friends around to mop up.

    Hopefully this guide has allowed you to better yourself as the horrible alien dog thing that we call skulks. Just remember that I am not responsible for anyone using these tips and getting killed in the process, so don't even try and sue, and if you do, my crack team of lawyers will completely destroy your case.

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    Re: Be the best skulk you can be!

    Great post!

    Another thing to keep in mind is when you're playing skulk you are not an important and individual snowflake. There have been and will be 1000's like you, don't be afraid to die. On the same not dont kill yourself via firing squad needlessly.

    When entering into a room with Marines the first skulk should seek to draw fire, leap (if you have it) straight over their heads, or run across the walls and ceilings. Don't try to hide in the same room, they know you're there and will eventually get an angle on you. Another favorite trick of mine is if you find yourself not being able to hit a marine in a small hallway, snap your wrist back so you look straight up and leap. It will allow you to get your barrings and the marine will be searching the floor for you.

    Finally when entering rooms, the first guy is the distraction, I've made marines waste 45 bullets trying to catch me flying through the air, 2 more skulks come across underneath and the marine can't kill those 2 with only 5 bullets, you're light on you're feet and a lot of people are twitchy with the trigger. Aim to cause panic, if you're not pressing them, it leaves them open to press you.

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      Re: Be the best skulk you can be!

      Here is some more:

      1) Skulk is a better rambo than a marine. iI is your job to keep the resnodes down. It doesn't only help reduce the maries res flow, but also costs them res to rebuild them. The most important part is that it takes marines from other parts of the map and makes them focus on defending. If someone is coming to save the node, use the node as cover then let him get close to u to fight on your terms.

      2) Fight on your terms, long hallways are bad. Use cover to move forward. Attack
      from behind, you can get 2 solid bites before they can react. Use you speed to flank around them and attack from behind. The time it takes to flank more than makes up for waiting to respawn.

      3) Marines make great cover. When fighting more than one, use him as a body shield. By the time u kill the first one the other guy is busy reloading as all of his bullet hit his friend.

      4) You are expendable, for the most part. Don't throw your life away, but if a couple of heavies are coming in. Fight them in a small area, while reinforcement comes. You can buy your team some time while they lick their wounds, unless you kill them.

      5) Use beacon! When a large group of rines are pushing a hive, it is usually better to go to where they are not (base) and start chomping on the power node, proto, or arms lab. When they beacon try to keep a few or all there as long as you can. Delaying them is more important than getting kills. This gives your team the time to push their forward base or tech point. I have turned games by this alone.

      6) You don't always have to play till end game. There is always a time and a place to attack. Probe the map and find out where it is and hit it!

      7) Don't over focus. Look at the map, unless you are fighting. A busy khamm might not see that marine setting up a ninja pg or killing an upgrade.
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