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  • [GUIDE] Break down for Alien Units

    Ok so this is just a follow up for my other Alien guide, link just below.

    Skulk: All around useful unit, a single skulk should be able to take down an exo, takes a little practice, but with enough movements and leaps. So lets talk turkey, a still skulk is a dead skulk, laying in wait is great, just remember that your movement will attract attention, the Marines listen for the sound of you running so when approaching hostile territory stalk on the ceilings and walls dont run on the floor. Diving left/right and all around a marine will make sure you last longer than just trying to run straight at them. I recommend strafing runs, get a couple bites in and run onto the ceiling, dive across the room. Don't but too much distance between yourself and the marines in a straight line as that will result in your immediate death. Marines at close range panic and at medium range take aim. The first skulk in every pack should use leap to dive straight over the marines, get their focus away from the door they were just guarding. The rest of the skulks start attacking the now busy marines.

    Adrenaline: Useful for a sneaky skulk, you won't move fast but you'll be able to bite down enemy structures and still have energy enough to deal with a marine or two. Also great for using leap over and over, this will give you a bonus speed boost to make you move quicker across the map.

    Celerity: Early on especially this is incredibly useful for skulks early on especially. You will get a slight boost from just running flat on the ground, but as a skulk use your maneuverability to your advantage, if you jump from a height and jump the moment you hit the ground you will keep this momentum as you continue to keep jumping forwards. Spamming spacebar will remove this speed bonus, don't press it more than once a second. A quick skulk is a live skulk.

    Carapace: The only crag upgrade a skulk should have, this will make you more resistant to damage. A skulk without Carapace will die after being shot after 8 bullets at weapons 0. With carapace it ups that to 13 bullets, almost doubling a skulks ability to live, once weapons 3 rolls around carapace is the only way to stay in the fight, skulks are cheap later on. You need to complete missions destroying extractors and hitting res points, if you die, who cares. You'll respawn and do it again.

    Regen: NO, just no.

    Camo: Going behind enemy lines? Hitting extractors? You should go camo, otherwise its just going to slow you down. Other units will benefit more from this than you little skulk.

    Silence: BEST UPGRADE EVER, this upgrade will benefit every unit in a huge way, marines rely on sound ALOT to hear you coming (phrasing, BOOM) or to hear their friends dying. Silence will cloak what kind of unit is killing their friends and also will make a ceiling skulk an invisible skulk. This silences even when you use leap.

    Gorge: Support class unit, your services are invaluable especially early on. The biggest choice you need to make is where to place your hydras, and clog walls. There are a few schools of thought for the placement of hydras I have a couple myself depending on the room. Most importantly DO NOT PLACE THEM CLOSE TOGETHER by that I mean touching or within shotgun spread, this is for the obvious, what in case of a shotgun. I recommend placing them on a high place, clear view of the room, not visible from the entrance way, this is normally enough to scare off marines from trying to climb over your clog wall. Or in the case of a speedy set up I would recommend setting them on the floor in a similar spread, if you build a clog wall as tall towers, the hydras should be able to attack through and around them without problem. When it comes to building the actual wall, you'll see alot of gorges building arches, this may maximize the coverage for large entrance ways. But this is a flawed logic, all a marine needs to do is destroy the clogs touching the walls and your wall will fall. I recommend stacks of clogs, 3 tall will stop a marine from jumping over. Hydras behind will stop them from trying too long.

    As for the BATTLE GORGE you are an epic use of res, and an absolute game changer. 1 Gorge can bile bomb down a power node within roughly 20-30 seconds, 3 gorges can do it in about 10 5 gorges can destroy an entire base within a minute. If you have nothing left to lose might as well go gorge and try to do a big push all together. Make sure you have other units to kill the marines.

    Adrenaline: Greatest asset ever for the aspiring gorge. Bile bombing will be strong enough to take down an entire power node without stopping with adrenaline, heal an Onos or 2. It basically makes your gorge a badass, instead of just a fat pig.

    Celerity: Hold back, its not worth it a gorge without adrenaline is a dead gorge. Celerity will help you run away, but why do that when you can stay and fight? Go adrenaline to make yourself useful

    Carapace: Carapace will infuse you with the abilitiy to take on a marine or two. You don't need regen because you can heal yourself with ALT-FIRE (right click by default) Carapace is an easy way to double up on crag upgrades for this specific unit.

    Regen: Don't need it, don't get it!

    Camo: Camo gorge is awesome, because gorges can attack from a distance and with belly slide you will be have more than enough time to get away from attacking marines and cloak around a corner. From there either heal up, set an ambush or gtfo and go somewhere safe. Your invisible until you attack or build.

    Silence: Useful for sneaking up on settled bases, silence will enable you to attack power nodes without marines having knowledge of you being there. As Gorges are primarily support characters and not used for attacking (theres definite evidence to the contrary).

    Lerk: Lerks are amazing attacking units, they're great for sniping buildings down but better for killing marines and exos. Your bite releases poison but is weaker than a skulks, you can rapid fire parasites to take down marines from a distance (great to keep in mind when fighting a shotgunner. Lure them to a large area and beat them with your spikes rather than trying to get in close. Lerks are a game changer early on and are amazingly useful, you are expensive early on so play conservatively. Later on you can sacrifice yourself for Onos if need be. Spores can clear out a room, distort vision and reduce marine accuracy. As a lerk you should focus on marines primarily then structures (unless you're attacking a forward phase gate, then attacking at a distance isn't a bad choice.

    Adrenaline:Support class of the lerk more than the striker, if there are Onos on the field and umbra is researched you should select this to support the Onos, otherwise this is unnecessary

    Celerity:Hit and RUN emphasis on the run, Celerity will improve speed and make fly-by bites easier, and your escape quicker. Even when using spores as long as you hold spacebar to glide you will be able to spore continuously evem though it will be kinda spurty near the end.

    Carapace: Great if you are defending a hive, or trying to defend a forward base. Without having the ability to regenerate you will be doing alot of runs back to a heal point.

    Regen: Deep in enemy territory, just killed a res tower got nicked by a marine but still managed to get away. Regen will be your saving grace.

    Camo: Useful to get behind enemy lines, when gliding slowly your camo will engage, also when landed continue to hold spacebar as if you were gliding. This will allow you to remain cloak, if you fall from your perch you remain camouflaged and free to continue your trek across the map.

    Silence: Super annoying for marines, this will allow you to attack structures without being seen (more importantly heard), fly around and sneak up on enemy units, a silent lerk is difficult to detect, great for being behind enemy lines.

    Fade: The silent assassin, your shadow step allows you to become temporarily invisible. When attacking a squad of marines using shadow step will prolong your life and allow you to dispatch multiple enemies. Blink draws a line to where you will be, shadow step does not. You have giant blades for arms, makes sense that this assassin class would have a problem attacking metal you get an additional bonus for attacking squishy things but only get 50% damage when attacking structures. As a Fade your only goal should be to kill the wabbit... err marines. Leave the grunt work to the skulks. Exception of course is phase gates and IP's, nothing worse than phasing through to save a room straight into swinging blades and dying instantly. When attacking phasegates attack the middle to meet the incoming marines with a quick death. Remember a still Fade is known as a paper Fade.

    Adrenaline: My preferable fade (Shadow step and Blink take a lot of energy) is the adrenaline fade. You can fight better, Blink longer, escape faster (yes you do need to run).

    Celerity: Celerity, you gain a slight speed boost from this upgrade but the moment you get shot or start attacking that speed boost is gone. Your abilities during combat are stifled because of energy deficiencies.

    Carapace: In late games this is preferable, I would take this and defend any side that has a forward base (couple crags and a shift) Against late stage marines this is your only hope to survive against any encounter with multiple marines weapons 3.

    Regen: Great for the early Fade, combine this with Adrenaline and you are laughing early on. Go into a room, kill a marine and dip out. Rinse lather repeat, if the marines have multiple shotguns inside the room focus on the marines with the shotguns shadow stepping around to their backs and running after every kill.

    Camo: Camo will make you a more effective assassin, no commander will put observatories at every res point and hallway. Take advantage of this, a camo Fade will make you an effective deterrent in any warzone.

    Silence: This is one of the only classes I prefer camo to silence, when you Blink the telltale howl is stifled and marines wont know they're dead until they respawn. Silence is especially useful late game when attacking a fortified base.

    Onos: You are a TANK made of paper mache, against 1 or 3 marines your fine and should be able to dispatch them especially if they bunch up. You do 200 dmg per strike against structures and alot of dmg vs units. You can solo a lone exo as long as you can close the gap without being hit. Your biggest bane will be jetpack Marines as they will fly to places that you cannot hit them at. If there are 5+ Marines in any one space DO NOT GO IN THERE WITHOUT SUPPORT! You will die instantly! With stomp all you need to do is close the gap, stomp and destroy the marines that have fallen, when entering a base, your first point of attack should be observatories to prevent beacon, then phase gates then everything else. If you hear a beacon its your warning to run like hell, the marines will follow you to try and take you down. Your time to run at any point is roughly 50% health unless you're almost finished killing a power node or other important object in which case your time to run is 40% without question. Onos are expensive, start running and don't stop until you reach a crag/hive.

    Adrenaline: You will move like a tank, you can stomp around 8-10 times in a row which is EPIC, you can total an enemy base without having to stop for energy and my fav part when you're running away hold shift and you will gain speed as you Charge, making a long hallway an easy getaway. When an Onos is charging at full speed no human can keep up to it, moving that fatty so fast takes ALOT of energy, so use it sparingly but more often than not this the only thing that will stop you from dying.

    Celerity: Faster over-all speed, but once again once you get shot or start attacking your speed boost goes kaput, great for faster travel across the map not so much for destroying bases.

    Carapace: Late game Onos, going up against multiple heavies and have heal stations EVERYWHERE! Without it you'll die quickly your armor goes from 500 to 900 and with that just being armor its a huge buff against exos and multiple marines.

    Regen: Early Onos should take regen because heal stations are expensive, you are now a huge deterrent on one side of the map, you should work to clear and hold new tech points more than anything else. Travel with a small entourage of other unit types, they provide good fodder and will help you kill marines in those hard to reach places.

    Camo: Nothing gives heart attacks like a wall of death appearing in front of you, doesn't even warrant enough time to scream as you're ripped apart. The Onos is a presence that should be heard, and feared but the element of surprise will give you the drop on a group of marines.

    Silence: Good for charging, not so much for laying in wait. It comes down to personal preference rather than any real tactical advantage.

    If you guys have anything else to add for these classes please reply and lets make this a running guide for aliens

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    Re: Break down for Alien Units

    some thoughts:
    Regen is amazing for skulks. Its versatile for both front line fighters (run in with or without teammates, make one bite, RETREAT, regen, repeat).
    Cara is okay, good if you and your teammates setup ambushes and the other team is full of good shots.
    Silence is awesome.

    Regen is very important for lerks because it keeps them as field commanders for much longer. That enemy movement knowledge is key, and like you said, going back to a heal point is a big deal.

    Other than my disagreement about regen (which is VexX's most common first upgrade), solid writeup.


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      Re: Break down for Alien Units

      Originally posted by micr0c0sm View Post
      some thoughts:
      Regen is amazing for skulks.


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        Re: Break down for Alien Units

        Keep in mind that regen as a skulk is uncommon. If you have to run away from a marine they will assume you went back to heal or are hitting them with reduced HP. Giving you the ability to him them again much faster than they expect. This gives the regen skulk an advantage in the mental game.

        Also, try to not die when possible. A dead skulk still still has a cost, it's just that the cost is measured in time not res. It takes you time to re-spawn (more if fellow skulks are dead) plus the time to get back to where you were and get back to area control.

        Again, there is a mental component to this. As long as you are alive, you are technically a threat. Marines will often wait for the attack or proceed more slowly if they know a skulk is in the area.
        A lone marine might not continue building that critical phase gate or whatever until the threat is gone since they know as soon as they start the skulk will come running. This buys time for more skulks to come and take him out as a group for sure.
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