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  • Custom Map information

    Map name: ns2_jambi

    I've found the following:


    Here is from the wiki:

    Map Rotation

    As of Build 220, the mapcycle system has changed to make use of MapCycle.json. The old mapcycle.txt file is no longer used.

    You can find more information in your Dedicated_Server_Usage.txt file:

    The server can be configured to cycle through a list of maps by creating a file called MapCycle.json in your server config directory.
    This file defines the amount of time (in minutes) to wait before switching maps.
    It will only switch maps after a round completes.
    It also defines a mode which can be either "order" or "random".
    It then defines a list of maps to cycle.
    This also allows for custom maps from the Steam Workshop to be loaded by the server.
    In order for this to work, you need to include the mod ID in the map item.
    An example of this is shown in the example map cycle file below.
    Avoid listing the same map twice in "order" mode.

    Here is an example map cycle file:

    "time": 30,
    "mode": "order",
    { "map": "ns2_tanith", "mods": [ "4b430cc" ] }

    On the server, the cyclemap console command can be used to force the server to switch to the next map in the map cycle.

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    Re: Custom Map information

    Here's my Mapcycle.json:

        "mods": [  ],
        "mode": "order",
        "maps": [ "ns2_docking", "ns2_mineshaft", "ns2_refinery", "ns2_summit", "ns2_tram", "ns2_veil", "ns2_descent", { "map": "ns2_jambi", "mods": [ "m7b986f5" ] } ],
        "time": 30
    I've got -mod "m7b986f5" in my commandline.

    When I changemap to ns2_jambi, we're all disconnected and shown a "File not found" dialog.

    What do I need to change such that clients connecting to our server who've never heard of this map will 1) automatically download it RELIABLY and 2) join our server?
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