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  • [GUIDE] 250 Alien Com Guide

    Ok so there are ALOT of changes in build 250

    So first off Hives are no longer responsible for upgrades structures are, Hives give you BioMass, BioMass gives you access to upgrades, and allow you to drop structures that allow for Personal upgrades.

    Crags give:
    Bile Bomb - 2 Biomass
    Umbra - 3 Biomass
    Stomp - 9 Biomass

    Shifts Give:
    Gorge Tunnels - 1 Biomass
    Leap - 4 Biomass
    Xenocide - 7 Biomass

    Shadowstep - 5 Biomass
    Vortex - 8 Biomass
    Spores - 6 Biomass

    So each Hive gives you the ability to upgrade their Biomass twice.

    Each hive gives you 1 Biomass
    you can purchase the first Biomass upgrade for 20 Tres
    2nd for 30 Tres

    Each hive can give upto 3 Biomass,

    1st hive (Biomass 1-3)

    Gorge tunnels


    2nd Hive (4-6)


    3rd Hive (7-9)

    Choosing what Hive specialty to choose now is upto what you want your team to have for upgrades, for each upgrade there are 3 tiers lvls of upgradedness (you need to drop 3 structures. Shift hive needs spurs, Crag needs Shells, Shade needs Veils)

    Shift gives:
    Adrenaline (more energy)
    Celerity (Go fast)

    Crag gives:
    Carapace (armor)
    Regen (regenerate health, this new regen is COMBAT REGEN) old regen made you wait til you were out of combat, no longer biting or being shot to work, NO LONGER. Regen is king.

    Shade gives:
    Phantom (Combination of Camouflage and Silence) Camo is a bit nerfed compared to the old version, when you're still you are 95% camo'd you can still be seen by a careful marine, but its very difficult to see when you're still.
    Aura is like having a short range parasite on every unit and structure, it allows you to track enemies through walls and see their health. Great for a combat rather than a recon unit.

    Cysts have a huge range, its never a bad idea to try to max out the range early on and cysts also build as a series not parallel so if you drop a long line of cysts they build 1,2,3,4,5 rather than 1-2-3-4-5 starting from the time they were dropped. Also the infestation dies almost immediately after the cyst is killed, so keeping cyst chains alive is VERY important, keeping this in mind its a very good idea to have at LEAST 1 gorge as soon as game starts to build cysts and harvesters, otherwise you need to spend 5 Tres on Drifters which never camo.

    Gorges are necessary now, they heal/build faster, and if you do a 2gorge/1onos ratio, as long as the gorges remain alive and have energy the onos is basically invincible.

    I have very little experience playing through 250, I'll post some strategies later hope this helps with you planning your upgrade paths.

    Please post builds that have worked for you, together we can work through this.
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    Re: 250 Alien Com Guide

    Originally posted by Montyp View Post
    Marine com guide: rush JP SG and AA.
    Win. JK.

    This mod gives me even loss reason to want to command as I am even more lost.




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