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Marines and Aliens comparison breakdown cost/loss analysis

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  • [GUIDE] Marines and Aliens comparison breakdown cost/loss analysis

    Ok so I've already done a big breakdown for Aliens and build per hive, I'll be taking alot from that post.

    So aliens, have a split upgrade tree, you need to upgrade the hive in order to choose your later upgrades

    Crags give:
    Regen & Carapace

    Shifts Give:
    Adrenaline & Celerity

    Phantom & Aura

    The rest of the upgrades are purchased from shift, shades and crags. Also Biomass is purchased from the hives, Biomass ontop of requiring it to get upgrades takes,
    So to upgrade a hive, with a gorge ,shift and a drifter it takes almost exactly 1 minute. To put a hive up with a drifter, no gorge it takes 3 Minutes, First Biomass upgrade costs 20 res and 25 seconds, second Biomass costs 30 res and 40 seconds and each hive specialization costs 10 res and 20 seconds. Then Spurs/Veils/Shells cost 20 a piece and take 53 seconds to build

    So to upgrade 1 hive fully its gonna cost you:

    150 res (90 for the hive and 60 for the Spurs/Veils/Shells)
    not including costs for drifters or shifts/crags or shades or Pres for gorges

    Timewise its going to take:

    2 Min 25 Seconds to build and upgrade, plus 53 seconds to build the spurs/veils/shells a piece, assuming most are set near the same time so total build time to get upgrades dropped or replaced will be just over 3 1/2 minutes.

    All 3 Hives, will be just over 10 minutes, and 450 res for aliens, this is before including team upgrades!
    Those will total to a whopping 145 and 35 for the structures to do the actual upgrades for them.

    Total Cost to upgrade Aliens, 630 Res
    which is a bare bones build not including if you purchase any drifters or harvesters.

    For Marines to build a full base

    I'll include the majority of upgrade times, not build times because they differ compared to how many people are building rather than being a set time like aliens.

    Full base including CC, 2 IP's, Armory, Observatory, Phase gate. For 1st base it will include an additional Protolab and Advanced Armory and 1 Arms Lab

    (145 res For first base)
    Each Additional base costs 90 res

    Advanced Armory 30 Res (1:30)
    Shotgun 20 Res (0:30)
    Mines 10 Res (0:20)

    PhaseTech 10 Res (0:45)

    Wep/Armor 1 20 Res (1:20)
    Wep/Armor 2 30 Res (1:40)
    Wep/Armor 3 40 Res (2:00)

    JP 25 Res (1:30)
    Exos 30 Res (1:30)
    Dual Minigun Exos 20 Res (1:00)
    NanoShield 15 Res (1:00)

    Total upgrade costs:
    340 Res
    Total upgrade time:
    15:05 Min

    So to Sum up,

    Aliens upgraded with 3 hives 630 Res
    Marines upgraded with 2 Chairs fully upgraded 575 Res

    If Aliens lose a base it costs 90 Res (or 150 if 3 Spurs/Veils/Shells get killed.)
    If marines lose a full base, to rebuild it costs 90 Res.

    So in summation, Marines lose very few upgrades, Aliens tend to lose ALOT more, When a hive goes down they lose biomass (health and access to upgrades). When a Marine loses a Command Chair they lose a foothold in the map, and it costs them next to nothing to rebuild, the only access to upgrades they lose is access to Dual Exo's.
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    Re: Marines and Aliens comparison breakdown cost/loss analysis

    Sorry my bad, I forgot to count the upgrade costs for all the units available from crags shifts and shades total costs are an additional 145 res.

    So Marines to tech up is 575 fully teched with 2 full bases.

    Aliens is 775, 3 bases all the upgrades
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