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rad's Reinforced Alien Khamm Tactics (and Counters)

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  • rad's Reinforced Alien Khamm Tactics (and Counters)

    There was some robust discussion last night with the use of whips to end locked down games, and I wanted to discuss what's being done, and effective counters.

    As a new feature of Reinforced, Khamms have a new ability, Contamination, that allows you to place a super-cyst with 1000 HP anywhere on the map and create a temporary patch of infestation. (Some have reported that when firing on the cyst, there is no notification of any damage)

    Then, using a Shift's echo ability, it is possible to VERY quickly launch a focused attack on marine targets, such as power nodes or phase gates. This is a game changer (and usually ends the round) if not countered or prevented.

    Using Contamination and Echo

    In order to utilize contamination, you will require 9 biomass (three fully upgraded hives), a shift in a secure location, and 6-8 whips built around the shift. Make sure the whips are all mature, as the additional bile will be of tremendous help. You can mist the whips to mature faster.

    Simply hotkey the shift (CTRL + 1-5), and get ready. Inform your team of the plan and their involvement. Coordinate a simultaneous attack, or use the whips as a decoy and have the lifeforms flood another location.

    Then, drop the contamination, hit the hotkey for your shift, and start echoing in. After 6 whips echoed, drop ANOTHER super cyst in the same spot/area, as the infestation will retract leaving the whips vulnerable.

    That's it. If you cannot achieve 9 biomass, then, once all possible upgrades are complete, I repeat the above steps with shift and whips, and simply cyst to every power node marines control, and wait for them to slip up and not destroy the cysts. Cyst creep stays longer, and once it is killed the whips remain active for a slightly longer time. This constant pressure generally succeeds, as even the most observant marines can't just watch the power nodes or phases on the map.

    Countering Echoing whips

    After two rounds of using the whips, I found myself a marine commander on veil with aliens holding all three hives. We held nano, but it wasn't looking great, and I knew since I had used the above strategy to great affect in the previous 2-3 games, I'd soon be a recipient of my own medicine. So, we countered, and ended up with a win on the map.

    Step 1: Don't let aliens get 9 biomass - Seems simple, but Contamination requires three fully upgraded hive to work. Stop that from happening.

    Step 2: Protect your positions - There's a simple two pronged strategy for preventing, or minimizing the effect of this strategy. One, sentries in your bases to kill any cyst drops, thus preventing aliens from sneaking it in there. Second, 2 Arcs in base deployed with an obs covering any possible targets.

    Step 3: The best defense is a good offense - The reason this tactic works is that marines become too defensive trying to watch for or protect their positions from attack, so aliens can focus solely on breaking the hold. As marines, constant RT attack, suicide vanillas on their harvesters, upgrades, and healing stations, and then harassing the aliens where they lay will more often than not prevent them from being able to secure the resources and coordination to launch.

    It must be said in the games last night where this tactic was deployed by me, we were sitting on 5+ harvesters, and on one had 200 res for the last couple of minutes. This tactic isn't a cheap come back from death shot. It requires high res investment, and can be countered. It is generally used as the breaking of a turtle. I have successfully used it once to garner a comeback, but the whips were more of the distraction as the lifeforms took a key location. Either way, I really enjoy the fun this opens up to khammanding.

    Hope that helps!



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