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Uh-oh, aliens are showing signs of teamwork!

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  • Uh-oh, aliens are showing signs of teamwork!

    OK grunts you've seen it in the field, the Kharaa are starting to evolve a more sophisticated pack mentality, and we are getting overwhelmed.

    This hivemind trait seems to have sprung up most often on veil, where there are two main lanes to bounce between (sky/sub, topo/pipe).

    Skulks moving together in large groups, coordinating attack times and setting up ambushes in a display of unprecedented teamwork.

    Marines, we must respond in kind.

    You should not move out in a squad of less than 3 except when explicitly ordered by your commander. When moving, the first and last marine have the most important roles:
    * If you are in front you have to check every corner, know the target location, and know about how far behind the last marine is from your position
    * If you are in back you need to try and keep as far away from the first marine without breaking line of sight, and inform your squad if you are about to be surrounded

    We've trained these movements back home, but in the field it will take patience and practice to move as a cohesive unit.

    The harder parts of moving in a squad as a marine comes from
    a) the first marine turning a sharp corner without teammates keeping LOS
    b) the last marine turning around to investigate a sound/save a resource node without informing the rest of the team or commander

    Commanders, you need to be sure squads know their priority
    when you are pressuring, assure your groups that nodes will be saved by spawners, and the first marine knows where you are pressuring
    when you are teching, be sure to explain why staying in one spot to lane block actually helps control 3 nodes
    when you are defending, designate the names of marines you want by tech points, and the number

    As an aside, when skulks ball up, mines are more powerful. Mines are not *the* answer to alien teamwork, but they will help slow down or split up the skulk balls we've been seeing.

    Now go out and get 'em!

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    Re: Uh-oh, aliens are showing signs of teamwork!

    Grunt: Colonial! One of the men has an idea he would like to share. Let's coat the bottoms of our combat boots with flubber so we can jump across a room in a single bound.

    Colonial: Hrm... well that'll have to do until the jetpacks are combat ready. We're not far off, just have to solve the balancing problem... at the moment, they force the operator into a violent, face-planting forward somersault. Maybe putting it on the back wasn't such a good idea. We've lost a lot of good men testing these... *removes cap*

    Grunt: *removes cap*


    Grunt: Well if that doesn't work out, we've always got the exosuits.

    Colonial: Ah yes... the... erm... exo suits... Those won't be ready for a while either.

    Grunt: I just saw one field-tested the other day! Has something gone wrong?

    Colonial: Ah just a few kinks we still need to work out.

    The Colonial's gaze lifts to the ceiling where he pictures the remains of the 12th exosuit operator. His mangled, twisted husk the result of the exosuits' whiplash protection protocol failing... he also turned more than 270 degrees from the feet and the suit broke his spine.

    Grunt: Sir, is something wrong? I can't see what you're thinking about.

    Colonial: Oh, sorry. One second.

    The Colonial reaches behind his head and flips the "spectator" switch.

    Grunt: Ah that's better. HOLY ****! TURN IT OFF. TURN IT OFF!!!




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