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Pro tip for Marines?

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  • Pro tip for Marines?

    Having 1 person on PG/RP duty (The ones close to PGs) really helps the marines.

    Some maps don't allow it, such as Eclipse, but it really cuts down on the solo skulk gank of buildings. Liken it to fades and lurks hitting that lone marine trying to take out harvesters.

    It is a low scoring job so the need to win should outweigh the need to be on the top of the leader boards... Spending all your res on mines and welders while running back and forth while the aliens try to hit your RPs is tiresome. However, it really helps the commander and your team!

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    Re: Pro tip for Marines?

    One thing I'd like to point out for our players... Exos are very, very powerful. I've seen 3 or 4 guys buy an exo far too many times. Games should not ever, imho, have more than 2 exos active at one time. They should stay together, and they should have at least 3 dedicated welders on them at any time. If this happens, it will make those two exos almost invulnerable. And, the people welding them should kill skulks instead of the exos. It's much easier for people at a distance to kill the skulk eating the exo than it is for the exo to kill the skulk eating him.

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