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    I've been asked a few times about my marine viewmodels, so I thought I would share the mod with you guys. It's called Hide Yo Gun Model and it was made by Arkanti, who took it down from Steam Workshop a long time ago for unknown reasons. I've been able to keep using it without issue on all servers, though. I prefer this mod to NS2+'s disable viewmodels option because I can still see the hands and bullet indicators. Being able to see the hands lets me easily know whether I'm sprinting or not. A cool functionality of this mod is that you can still see effects on your gun from being welded and parasited.

    I've uploaded the mod here. One of my friends has successfully installed it manually by following these instructions: After unraring, extract the mod folder to your workshop folder (C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Natural Selection 2\Workshop). Open Steam\userdata\YourID\4920\remote\options.xml using a text editor like Notepad++, find <activemods></activemods>, and add 671b1ef as an entry in between these tags. Start NS2, click Mods, and activate Hide Yo Gun Model.

    Apparently, Arkanti made another mod called Hide Yo Alien Weapons that hides skulk teeth, fade arms, etc. I might have played around with it and ended up not liking it. I would appreciate it if someone could upload this mod somewhere if you have it.

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    Got this setup a couple of weeks ago; I do prefer it. I found at times i was using the angle of the gun to aim rather than my crosshair; this definitely helps for that.

    One thing to note, too add the mode between teh <activemods> tags, use a space after any other mod ID that's there. (i only had one mod listed there, and had no way to know what to use to delimit the mods.)

    <activemods> 3478k32 671b1ef </activemods>




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