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Why is this "retarded?"

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  • Why is this "retarded?"

    The cry goes out: "Throwing 'nades at a fade is retarded." The cry is repeated ad naseum.

    Two points to consider here:
    1. Work on your presentation skills. Perhaps a better route would be "Grenades aren't terribly effective in that situation." Also consider that said grenade-tosser saw himself inevitably dying anyway, and figured he'd go out with a bang (i.e. you don't always have the inside knowledge you might think you do).
    2. You've just personally attacked me without any helpful information to back up your assertion. And you keep repeating it even though I've only performed the offending act once. There is absolutely no need to demean a fellow player who is just trying to learn something new and isn't causing anyone on the team any harm. We come here to have fun, and many of us pay to do so. If we want abuse, we have family for that.

    This is reflective of one match only, but it's something everyone should keep in mind.

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    Re: Why is this "retarded?"

    Rampage, PM me if there's something in this thread that needs further resolution and can't be managed in PM.

    Everyone else, continue to play nice.
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