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    Sup class today. I have been seeing alot of new commanders. As such I figured it would be a good idea to post a few quick hints for the new guys. First thing as wyz will tell you the game focuses on res towers more then hives. I don't care if the aliens team has three hives as long as they have 3 res towers you are winning this game. Think of it this way sure they can get a hive 3 Onos but that Onos will have problems if you can afford to equip ur whole team with HMGs. Secondly electricity is your best friend use it. It virtually makes your res towers skulk proof which is very important early game. K third please please talk to ur team. Try to be as active as possilbe. Its more of a morale thing. I have noticed most coms tend to keep quiet when they are losing the game. Compliment your marines often too it another one of those morale things.Another important things is to upgrade as fast as possible. K now imagine the armory is upgraded u have dropped the proto lab. Which way to go. Now bear in mind JPs=35 res and HA=40 res but the acctualy JPs and HA both cost 15 res each. My personal preference is HA mainly because I find it the funniest way to fight. It requires a great deal of team work but its worth it. Also i am one to prefer heavy armor and firepower above mobility and speed. (Ya I was GDI in C&C) One importnat thing is never have a dedicated plan. Always be ready to change your tactics at a moments notice. K class dismissed we have a quiz on this material tommarow.
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    Re: Commanding 101

    I disagree about res > hives. That was definately true in 2.01 but in 3.0 hives are much more powerful. Fade/ onos are no longer that strong at hive 1. Hive 2 onos is very strong as it has stomp ( the best onos ability) and hive 3 fade has acid rocket (very underrated). Lerks are also useless without hive 2's umbra. Now that fades are weak, bile bomb is often the best way to take down res. If you get killed by passing rines it only cost you 10 to gorge.

    Even more importantly hives make your armour more efficient. I'm not sure on the numbers but I think armour is 1.5 times as effective at 3 hives (but you still have the same amount of it).

    It is as important for aliens to have res as before as fades and lerks just die. Denying rine res is important though. The rines' priority is to cap res and deny hives, the aliens' priority is to build hives and deny res.

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