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    Is typing kill in the console a valid tactic or exploiting?

    It is often good tactics to gorge at the start of a game, cap once, type kill imediately, then spend your 15 sec countdown building your tower. This saves you either spending 2 res evolving to skulk or giving the rines RFK.

    The fact that you CAN evolve to skulk suggests that kill is not meant to be part of the game, but the fact that kill has not been disabled suggests that it is meant to be part of the game. Thoughts?

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    Re: Kill

    It's exploiting the game, but I wouldn't classify it as an "Exploit" in the same sense that say, chamber-stacking is an "Exploit".

    It takes 2 res and 7 seconds to become a skulk via gestation, and you get to stay the heck put. Killing yourself via "kill" takes 22 seconds (15 to kill, 7 to spawn assuming no line) and no res, and you're sent back to the hive. I mean, the honorable thing to do would be to use the res to devolve, but the time issue is such a hit, and on some maps, going back to where you start can be fairly costly, that the tradeoff is really a judgement call.
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      Re: Kill

      Why not just devolve back into a skulk and then kill a lone marine? You get your 2 res back and you get to look good for your team :P




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