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    I brushed over this topic a bit in my guide to gorging, but I would like to go a bit deeper into the Kharaa's stationary biological defense, known commonly to our warriors as offence chambers, and how they interact with mobile resource dispensers, known commonly as marines.

    This information is security class Alpha. It is imperative marine eyes do not fall upon it, and the responsibility is yours to defend this information with your life, and remove the offending eyes if needed.

    The first thing any GoL must understand about ocs, is that they really only slow marines down about as long as a couple turrets slow down a fade. If placed well they will give us the warning and time we need to react with proper force. With any unattended space, sensory chambers are recommended to give our side the edge when fighting at those locations. They will help greatly with the detection aspect, and keep the meat piles paranoid.

    When possible, seek high ground with the ocs. Even better if gorges still have easy access to it that does not involve getting a lift from a nearby skulk. Height will make them less vulnerable to shotguns, keep the focus of the cattle divided, and most importantly keep them from looking at their feet where skulks may be hiding.

    Try to avoid open areas. The narrower of an area your ocs cover the better job it will do of covering that spot. Instead of placing it in the middle of a room and hope it covers everything in the room, place it to cover the doorway. An oc can cover two areas well, such as in a hallway. You do not want the marines to be able to take advantage of their numbers and the ocs inability to attack more than one of them. If you confine the battles to doorways, hallways, and narrow spaces only a couple of the vermin can fight at a time.

    Of course marines always have the option of running past the ocs, so placement should also optimize damage to marines running through. Even though the red bloods are already weak and have few places to hide, use the ocs to amplify these conditions if the marines try to run through.

    What does all this mean? Lets look at some footage from out in the field. I will be transferring pictures to you through the hive mind.

    The first area of interest is
    Stability Monitoring of NS_Caged.

    This is a quick overview of the 4 prime oc spots in this area. The two that are elevated cover the window and walkway the marines enter from, and hang over opposite edges of the pathway to offer support in the main area of the room and back behind the pipe/under the walkway. The lower ones cover the other half of the room, helping get marines that try to run through or get to the rt.

    I have found this to be effective at deterring a lone sack of flesh from building a phase gate in the favored spot above the ladder, making them settle sometimes for the walkway leading to stab mon. It also helps greatly against Generator hive rushes, which is the easiest hive for the marines to rush due to it's close proximity to their command center, by slowing them down and/or weakening the first wave while giving us more warning and time to react. The other thing to think about with this placement is it protects an rt that otherwise isn't too hard for the mindless monkeys to destroy.

    This oc placement can go either way. Without it there is a blind spot that a marine can hide in if he stays close to the rt and knifes it. I think having the blind spot leaves a tasty snack for a nearby alien. The good side is that it covers some vulnerable spots of the overhanging oc on that side, and when placed as shown (lining up with the second gap under the pipe from the north side) can reach the back side of the room. If resources are plentiful it will not hurt, but often enough will be unnecessary.

    This helps put the range of those ocs in perspective.

    Here are some tactical photos to aid the good placement of the ocs in these spots.

    I've circled the structural indicators of the good locations. The connectors of the metal plates that make the walkway point to the best spots. This formation provides the optimal cover in an easy to remember way, and serves also to keep the ocs functioning should a section of the walkway collapse, since each cling to two different sections.

    Here again with the ocs

    Now there are two sensory locations I will point out for this, and each have their merits. Deciding on which to take will depend on the placement of other scs on the map, and personal preference.

    This sc location is common. It will cloak all of the ocs I have shown, causing marines to not realize they are surrounded until they have entered the room like a skulk who wandered into an etharite field, it also has a SoF range that covers more of the area surrounding the hive where the more common phase gate location would be.

    The phase gate may be build right before stab mon with the ocs there, and having the sc out where it can give earlier warning might be more helpful, since the ocs will already have warned you by the time anything shows up on hive sight.

    This spot is well hidden, in fact anywhere on that pipe is decent, it doesn't have to be the very back of the room. You can get to it through the window, no need to gestate into a skulk to reach it. It may not cloak all the ocs, but that is a relatively small drawback. It give earlier warning, and will show you the location of marines who are killing the ocs instead of running through, and cover a likely pg location.

    This whole area will do the best if left of any of the laming locations we have tested. Maintenance is often unnecessary as it continues to function well enough after losing one or two chambers, and it's close proximity to a hive allows a swift reaction to keep most of the structures intact. This is not to encourage all you Kharaa out there do ingnore this area completely, but this will be quite durable compared to most lame you will find used when left unattended.

    Now for the next point of interest

    Processing of NS_Hera


    Processing is an important location strategically. Marine infestation of that region can prove difficult to cleanse, and it's control is vital to the expansion of the Kharaa. It is important to defend this area long before the resources will be available to place this many ocs.

    The most recommended for early placement are the two on the highest level, as shown in the first picture, and the one on the right in the third picture. The others help solidify the rest into a cohesive cover of the whole room, leaving you with a slight feeling of safety comparable to what an onos experiences when resting in a cloud of umbra.

    The defense counts on the high traffic of life forms through this room. This should not be hard to manage, the area is vital and high traffic even when just moving from one hive to another. Being toward the center of the map, help is often not far away.

    The purpose of this defense is to help our lifeforms keep marines from taking this land from us, and launching a siege assault against our hive, while blocking us from taking over the rest of the station. If they succeed at that, pushing us out of the hive would be as easy as shooting gorges in a barrel-shaped pit. This setup can give much more time during a rush for control of the area, and provide much support for our lifeforms. Since this is often the destination of marines instead of part of the path, marines running past isn't as much of an issue.

    It can also dispatch of the random marine that has strayed from the flock to try and "ninja" the hive as they seem to call it.

    I will not go into great detail on all of these ocs, but do try to observe them and get an idea of where they are and what their function is even if I don't explain it all. For the record, the count is 8 ocs, and one of them appears twice in the overview.

    To the southeast we have these two ocs.

    The bottom one covers the door, and a good part of the rest of the room, capable of hitting on all three levels, but focusing on the first and second.

    The one on level 3 covers the door below to a small extent, and the path in from the upper level of Cargo. It is placed on the first bend in the railing, and from there is hard to destroy from across the room in Holo-room because of the support beam this skulk is holding on to. We managed to take this image from a dead marine who encountered difficulty destroying this particular oc.

    You have to look closely, but only a small part of the oc is in line of sight. Far to little for them to use their machine guns effectively from that distance

    When placing this oc, the important thing to consider is how close to the room the marines need to get to shoot at it. Ideally you want the marines to move past the opening in Holo-room so they have to be in the hallway, allowing us to sneak up behind them as undetected an onos mime. Thats why it should not be placed right on the corner of the walkway.

    Both of these cover the entrance from the lower area of Holo-room, as well as support the rest of the area if the marines invade. With the setup used for these photos, just as the bottom of the oc on the left becomes visible enough to shoot, the oc on the right, as well as the oc in the previous picture have a good shot at the attacking marine. It will be one, the other, or both depending on where in the hallway the marine tried to move up.

    Here is a shot taken from the same marine moments before being eaten. He has found the farthest he can get in before the ocs start shooting at him.

    He barely scratched the oc before a lerk tore him to pieces.

    Many of the ocs in this area will require replacement or love spray from a gorge. Not all will need to be replaced immediately, as others are able to pick up the slack to some extent, but once two or three are taken out, the position starts to become weakened enough that it may not hold up as well to continued attacks.

    For other chambers, sensories can be put just about anywhere. You can put dcs/mcs in the main room near the node to help your brothers and sisters who pass by. Just try to do what would make sense and get good use.

    Cargo Storage of NS_Nothing

    Rarely does a battle pass these days it seems, when you don't see ocs placed in this room.

    This has come to be a common sight.

    Sadly, this is a very inefficient formation. While it covers the center of the room, and marines going through the doorway will easily shoot the ocs from below while they pathetically spike each other trying to fight back. A much better placement to cover the doorway and the center of the room is this.

    Both cannot be healed at once, but it covers both doors and they don't shoot each other.

    This room is comparable to processing in strategic location but is easier to recover from losing, if only slightly. If marines are pushing the room a gorge is needed to tend the nest both to heal the ocs, and to heal lerks or other Kharaa who need aid and cannot make it to a hive.

    Later to expand the stand alone defense of this room, more can be added.

    This is my favorite setup. If a gorge is not going to be tending the nest, the mc could be replaced with an sc, or even a dc if they are available.

    If you feel the need to do more...

    This is the next step in expansion. The structure provides an easy way to remember the spacing, which allows the ocs to cover the room without shooting each other. If resources are this plentiful, you probably don't need to go that far. The location makes it hard to heal the ocs, but they do fall just within range of healing by dcs.

    From the nest dcs can heal the ocs. If you intend on this formation surviving anything more than marines trying to pass through you will want dcs to help it. Without it they will be taken down faster than a jetpacking marine with steaks and lerknip all over him.

    Control of the central areas of the area is vital to control of the rest. This is a high profile location and must maintain a Kharaa presence to succeed.

    One final place worth mentioning
    Docking Bay of NS_Nothing

    This is one of the many ways it can look after creation.

    This is used late in the game to provide your fellow Kharaa who are attacking the marine base with healing and adrenaline, while keeping marines from trying any last attack on the generator hive before they are completely destroyed. It will do nothing against jetpackers who move quickly through the room, but will kill any other marine before they can get to a door.

    Maintaining this requires either a gorge or two tending it or an obscene number of dcs, one of those in addition to aliens attacking the marine base from that side at least often enough to keep gls from getting over and firing more than one clip off.

    The only time ocs are required in this area are when the marines are still strong enough to push out and attack a hive. In general at those times it would be wiser to spend all this res on something else, and by the time the great risk of putting all these resources down is low enough, ocs are not needed.

    If you want to use ocs, the ideal would be a time nearing the end of the game, when we Kharaa have taken most or all of the resource nodes, and others are empty (except marine start). The marines advanced armory has been taken down, but the marines are still strong enough to pose a threat. The marines have heavies in favor of jetpacks, and there are higher lifeforms available to attack the base and make use of the healing station.

    This is almost never needed, but may still be enough fun to do once or twice, and under the right conditions may actually be a better alternative to gestating into an onos. Part of the war is choosing your battles. If you make the marines focus on fighting around thier base, it keeps them from fighting around a hive.

    That, my brothers and sisters, is what I have to say about GoL. I will speak no further; I fear the marines may be trying to intercept our communications. Hold these secrets dear and let death reach any marine who finds them. We don't want these secrets to spread so quickly like the disaster about the gorge's learning to adapt it's healspray to work on itself. We barely got the word out to our own before the canned meat found out about it.

    Until next time, keep cleansing the intruders.

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    Re: Gorge of Lame

    Irish - You rock my world!
    That was fantastic
    Ambriento for comm! Vote today!


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      Re: Gorge of Lame

      Amusing and informative!


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        Re: Gorge of Lame

        Nice work Irish.

        P.S. are you really a pirate?
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          Re: Gorge of Lame

          Originally posted by aeroripper
          Nice work Irish.

          P.S. are you really a pirate?


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            Re: Gorge of Lame

            Quite funny. Mobile resource dispensers... I like that.


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              Re: Gorge of Lame

              My favorite part of writing a guide has to be trying to come up with new things to call marines.


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                Re: Gorge of Lame

                I've so got to remember to use that in a game...



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                  Re: Gorge of Lame

                  I love the guide. OCs are generally underrated on our TGNS server. It's nice to see a guide, especially of this callaber. On other servers, it was practically required to drop a couple of OCs.





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