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  • Crosshairs

    So, I recently got all this new whizbang hardware for my comp, and upped NS's resolution to 1280x1024.

    Unfortunately, Fana's 1.04 crosshairs that I like so much started giving me trouble, since they became so small that I'd have trouble seeing them when in the thick of things, espcially in an area with white walls.

    So I fiddled a bit and enlarged them, along with a couple ideas I had.

    Basically it was:

    1) Keep it simple, using the contrast in the originals;

    2) Make the vertical size of it larger than the horizontal, as most aiming is horizontal, and pull the cross out more that way as well, for more viewing 'inside' the xhair;

    3) draw in the corners just a bit so that it's easier to see without having to think about it.

    I don't know if it really accomplished all that like I intended, but nevertheless it's working well for me. Not sure how well they'll work with standard resolutions, but let me know if you try, and if you use a larger resolution, maybe this will help.

    Just install to sprites directory, along with the txt files for the xhairs you want to replace. back up your originals, of course.

    Also, it is a work in progress, so feel free to yell with suggestions, I'm going to fiddle until I'm happy.

    (I apologize for 'evading' the HTML ban for low posts, but since it's obvious it's for a good cause, I hope it's ok :P)

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    Re: Crosshairs

    I've enjoyed having you on the server, Raz.

    Thanks for the contribution.
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      Re: Crosshairs

      Lookin' good Raz. Personally I always liked the crosshairs where you can see stuff inside of it, although morph's small (white) crosshair was my favorite for a long time, fana's modified 1.04 are better (the larger white one with black outlines).
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        Re: Crosshairs

        Crosshairs, ew.




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