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    website: www . empiresmod . com (sorry to avoid the 15 post thing)

    Its not so much the same as NS as many people have said, but for anyone who has a good enough to computer run HL2 at 100 fps consant, this game is not only very fun, but it looks stunning. I myself don't have a computer to run with full graphics, but I have played it elsewhere and its amazing. Thanks to source almost anyone can play it even if like me it's at 30 fps.

    Commanding is very fun, though not nearly the same as NS. In my opinion the only balance flaw is that i think one team's guns are much to much more accurate than the others, while still haveing the same amount of power. The maps are gigantic making it extremely fun when you have 12 people to a team and can all jump in one APC and rush the opposing base, it'll fail, but its fun. All in All the best games come when the game is 8 v 8, so look for that sized game to have optimal fun.
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    Re: Empire's Mod

    I own HL2 and I've never played it. I just bought it for the mods that didn't even exist when I bought it.

    I played Empires months ago. I've no interest in it in its current state, but it's inevitable that I'll become a regular player of it when its development matures. The game is built on a great foundation.
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      Re: Empire's Mod

      Just wanted to update this, found it in the search. I put up a thread to generate some interest for this mod in the FPS forums. It's matured quite a bit and i'll be checking it out this evening.

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