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  • 3.2 Endgame

    So, ending the game as aliens in 3.2 has become much more difficult. In 3.1, you didn't really need to do anything specific, once that third hive went up marine start just kind of crumbled. Having played several games now where aliens had three hives for most of the game, but still couldn't end it for about half an hour (and occasionally losing to rambo jps), I think it's worth discussing what aliens can do to end the game once you have 3 hives.

    First, I think it's worth taking the time to make sure every marine node outside ms is down. You're in for a long fight, and letting marines keep even one node outside ms doubles the res they have for jps and hmgs. Given that they're down to one node, the next step is to do anything you can to cost them res. You'll probably be overflowing, so going carapace onos and suiciding to take out any structure you can is worthwhile. Go for the most expensive structure you're sure you can kill, but make sure you at least get something, even if it's just a turret, 10 res off 1 node is more painful than 75 res off 9 nodes. Also, when attacking marines in base, go for the jp. Killing a light armor does nothing unless it buys you time to kill a structure, whereas killing the jp at least costs them 10 res, and is therefore worth sacrificing an onos for if you have 9 nodes and they have 1. Eating a marine with a gun and charging out is also worth doing, just make sure you drop the gun far enough away that they can't recover it.

    Once they're out of jp, get as many adrenaline/focus oni as you can and rush in with charge/stomp, killing the arms lab first. Judging from what I've seen so far, this seems to take about 3 oni + 1 for every jp they still have. One umbra lerk is obviously useful to have, as long as they can stay alive.

    Any other ideas? I haven't had much luck with acid, but it seems like on some maps it could be effective with umbra support...

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    Re: 3.2 Endgame

    Gorge of lame! :)

    Set up a DC/MC place that can reach you when you try to bile.


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      Re: 3.2 Endgame

      4 lerks + 4 fades. Drop 8 dcs in each hive first then have 1 lerk sit in every hive to umbra it. Have the 4th lerk and the fades sitting around in an area around their base that the marines will be less likely to go through to hit a hive. Wait until the marines move out of their base and then rush in with the lerk + fade group and take down the obs + armory as fast as possible.

      More seriously, I think it's best just to wear them down and try to win the little victories that are available. The first priority, like you said, is to kill all their rts outside of marine start. After that it depends more on the map than anything else. On maps like hera or tanith it's pretty easy to hit the marine start node and then harass the marines when they go to try and rebuild. On veil or metal you want to keep constant pressure with acid and spores to wear the marines down since the doorways provide better coverage of the room. On caged or eclipse you want to lure the marines into the hallways outside of their base where they become much easier targets.

      You definitely need more than one fade acid rocketing, at least one for every doorway. The goal with acid rocket isn't to kill the marines it's to chip away at their health and not let them stand around where they would like to. Once you get their health down under 80 the marines will start looking to get health from the armory and get welded. In most cases the armory is within easy line of sight from the doorways and drenching it in acid will deny the marines a res-free resupply option. I also haven't seen many marines welding eachother in midair, so when the jetpacks try to get welded you temporarily force them out of the battle. Worst case scenario results in the comm dropping another armory outside of your acid range, costing them res and pushing them further away from the fight.

      I also don't think suiciding into their base is ever a good idea. Each kill they get gives them incredibly important rfk and a morale boost if it's a higher lifeform. When the marines are having fun flying around with jps and getting easy kills on higher lifeforms they are much less likely to give in the towel. Even skulks and gorges need to be careful with their lives, and defending gorges should be a priority for fades and onos. If you're a skulk don't go for the biggest clump of marines you can find, go for the easiest target near the door that won't be able to react before you explode in their face.

      Onos need to try and keep someone in their stomach as much as possible, as long as you're devouring someone that's 1/7 of the marines potential damage denied and an increasingly frustrated player staring at your dumb stomach texture. An onos can also be highly effective killing jetpackers by luring them outside of marine start into rooms with low ceilings that negate most of a jetpackers advantage. You do need to limit your onos, with more than 1 or 2 you end up with traffic jams in the small hallways that surround most marine starts.

      More than one lerk is rarely necessary or useful, but that one lerk can do alot with umbra and primal on gorges and fades. An umbra'd gorge with carapace can actually survive for a decent amount of time versus hmgs considering their smallish profile and the hmg spread coming from flying jetpackers. With umbra you can get two to three quality biles in consistently and still be able to escape. With enough damage to the structures the marines are forced to weld making them easy targets for acid rocket, spores and xenocide. Primal keeps the acid rockets coming hard and fast from your fades.

      One last thing I really like to do is try and keep track of when the marines will try to reload so I can get them to drop an empty gun and then easily kill any other marines that will come to pick it up. It works best as a fade but onos and skulks can find opportunities to do it as well.



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        Re: 3.2 Endgame

        I've had lots of fun in the endgame as a skulk xenociding marines. I get celerity and scent of fear, so I know where I can make the most damage, and I'm fast enough to get there.

        On maps like tanith, you know how marines usually pile up near the comm chair ? Well, once the Fades have been Acid Rocketing the marines, and the Lerks Sporing them, you can take down like 3 or 4 marines easily with xenocide. Doing so also opens up the possibility to end game, since it's like half of their team down.


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          Re: 3.2 Endgame

          Unlike other versions, 3.2 REQUIRES that the alien team work together to end the game. No longer can one fade dominate marine start and end it alone. I'm glad this is the case.

          However at the same time, this seems to lead to a lot more people "Rage quitting" or F4ing before the game is over (Not specifically in TGNS, but it does happen more often here now).

          With the 3.2b2 "Balance Log", with the third hive up, aliens will receive the RD hive armor bonus. Lets wait and see where that takes us. I'll be it reduces the "turtle effect".
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            Re: 3.2 Endgame

            Beta2: The marines will once again crumble with 3 Hives. The tricky part now is the scenario where marines are very tight on res, but still control at least one Hive. Either through relocation (1 node) or a phase gate (2 nodes). It helps that Onos have enough HP to viably take Carapace and make a blind rush on something now.




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