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  • Combat - XP Usage

    I figured I'd start a thread where everyone can post their experience point usage on the server. I know no one here takes combat that seriously, but with a bit of teamwork: it can be loads of fun.

    Marine: My setup lately has been pretty straight forward in the killing stuff and getting killed department.
    2. Mines
    3. Lvl 1 Weapons
    4. Shotgun
    5. Lvl 2 Weapons
    6. Lvl 3 Weapons
    7. Grenade Launcher
    8. Resupply
    9. Lvl 1 Armor
    10. Up for grabs, but usually Lvl 2 Armor

    You die a lot with this config because of no resupply or armor upgrades, but it doesn't matter because you get more free XP with all the mines you lay down. If you can tag that leaping skulk with your Lvl 3 shotgun, the point is moot anyways. Depending on how the game is going, I will deviate from this. Cloakers are an issue, but the mines help a lot. Having two effective xenociders on the alien team is usually the only time I really start getting stomped.

    PS: I will nade spam even if FF is on. You're a tough guy. Take it like a man.

    Alien: Really depends on my mood. I have two basic strategies.
    2. Cloaking
    4. Focus
    5. Celerity
    6. Silence
    7. Cara
    8. Regen
    9. Leap
    10. It doesn't really matter

    This does have it's disadvantages. As soon as I hear the scan sound, I get leap the next level. Sometimes I wont bother with cloaking and go straight for focus, then leap.

    2. Gorge
    3. Lerk
    5. Focus
    6. Celerity
    7. Cara
    8. Regen
    9. Umbra
    10. Maybe Silence if I'm feeling particularly evil. But by this point, it's usually moot. If I find myself in a support role, I'll grab Adren so I can spore/Umbra like a madman.

    Celerity Lerks are hard to hit and Focus combined with spores is down right deadly (as well as annoying for the marines).

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    Re: Combat - XP Usage

    2. lvl 1 weapons
    3. shotgun
    4. lvl 1 armor
    5. lvl 2 weapons
    6. grenade launcher
    7. lvl 3 weapons
    8. lvl 2 armor
    10. jetpack

    thats my favorite thing to do, just to make aliens feel bad about grenades :P

    2. lvl 1 weapons
    3. lvl 1 armor
    4. shotgun
    5. lvl 2 armor
    7. jetpack
    8. motion tracking
    9. lvl 2 weapons
    10. lvl 3 armor

    also another favorite, but for some reason im not a big fan of resupply :P


    2. cara
    3. celerity
    4. leap
    5. andren
    6. silence
    7. scent of fear
    8. regen
    10. xenocide


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      Re: Combat - XP Usage

      I would post mine, but some times I look down and I have like 3 points to spend, because I don't pay attention, and points come in so fast. In which case I get what ever I feel like. But I'll post the one I have fun with =P

      2 resup
      3 weapons 1
      4 shotgun/nothing (I'm better with a lmg, so some times I don't get a shotgun)
      5 heavy machinegun (I go right to this because I hate shotty some times =P)
      6 weapons two
      7 cats
      8 weaons 3
      9 armor 1 (I can wait for a long time to get armor, because I shoot well)
      10 Whatever, some times I get motion, some times I get armor two, some times I get scan or mines or even hand grenades, they are fun =P.

      I have gone resup then cats stright away too, In which case insert cats at level 3 and move everything down one =P
      - 52


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        Re: Combat - XP Usage

        i hate your hmg :P lol



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          Re: Combat - XP Usage

          Oh and another thing faith, please use your aimbot less often, or it makes us aliens feel so violated dieing 52 times in 9 seconds :D



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            Re: Combat - XP Usage


            2. Celerity
            3. Cara if they have shotty, regen otherwise
            4. SoF

            Fork here based on whether I think I need fade practice

            5. Silence 5.
            6. Cara/regen 6.
            7. Leap 7. Fade
            8. 8. Cara/regen
            9. Xeno 9. Meta
            10. w/e 10. Adren

            Marines: depends on the size of the game. If it's <8 players, I'll usually push MT far up on the list. Lately I've been using it for shotty practice and have been teching to that first. A lot less jetpack for me lately.

            2. Weap 1
            3. Shotty
            4. Weap 2 or Arm 1 (esp. if they've got focus)
            5. Weap 3
            6. Arm 1
            7. Resup
            8. 9. 10. etc.


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              Re: Combat - XP Usage

              If Enigma is an alien, I tech to HA as soon as I can. The only thing that can really help against him is 260+ pts of armor, and even THEN....
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                Re: Combat - XP Usage

                I like HA, but with the current time limit and some of the non teamwork co brings its hard to win as a rine.


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                  Re: Combat - XP Usage

                  my old one was the standard JP/level3 shotty build, but most of the time i prefer:

                  2.level 1 armor
                  3.level 1 weapons
                  6.level 2 weapons
                  7.level 3 weapons
                  10.level 2 armor....

                  (i just wish my computer wasn't busted :X)

                  and for aliens, i just close my eyes and select whatever... usually it works out A-OK :>


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                    Re: Combat - XP Usage

                    Originally posted by Sasuke
                    and for aliens, i just close my eyes and select whatever... usually it works out A-OK :>
                    Yeah, unless you get redemp.
                    - 52


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                      Re: Combat - XP Usage

                      Or focus...ugh!



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                        Re: Combat - XP Usage


                        4.Scent of Fear
                        5. Adren
                        6. Silence (unless it's a small game)
                        7. Regen
                        8. Save for xeno


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                          Re: Combat - XP Usage





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                            Re: Combat - XP Usage

                            As soon as I'm unbanned I'm coming in and owning you :icon14:


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                              Re: Combat - XP Usage


                              so thats where you have silly





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