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  • Proto Tech discussion

    Which of heavies or jetpacks is more appropriate for which situations? Which guns should be dropped with each? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each, and how does player skill affect that? What orders should the commander give to best utilize those strengths?

    I have my own opinions on the answers to these questions, but I'll hold off until other people share theirs first.

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    Re: Proto Tech discussion

    jp hmg kill onos
    jp shotgun kill nodes
    heavy hmg kill fades
    heavy shotgun defend seiges

    more generally:
    jetpacks for fighting the res war
    heavies for gaining map control

    jetpacks take more skill to be worth the res
    heavies take more teamwork to be worth the res

    jp+gl or jp+shotgun rush on a hive <--- very underused tactics, requires small amount of teamwork and small amount of skill, can kill hives quickly as long as the team is shooting a) the dcs first -> b) the gorges seconds -> c) the hive.
    Better if you designate the most skilled jp/shotgun for taking out auxillary healing and the res of the team shooting NOTHING BUT THE HIVE. Beacon the second it goes down, regroup, and move out SLOWLY afterwards.

    of courses, mixes provide better support, and it all depends on a lot (the roles change a LOT depending on if you are winning or losing ) , but you asked very general questions and these are general answers.


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      Re: Proto Tech discussion

      One thing I very rarely see in pubs are jp shotgun used primarily to take out chambers or nodes.

      A group of three or four guys streaming to the desired spot, all of them unload their shotguns and beaconed home is almost impossible for aliens to counter.
      aka Roland tHTG


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        Re: Proto Tech discussion

        It takes .77 seconds * 8 rounds to unload a shotgun ( ~ 6.5 seconds )
        1 jp shotgun costs 20 res and can take out a chamber without reloading
        2 jp shotguns cost 40 res and can take out a node without reloading
        5 jp shotguns cost 100 res and can take out a hive without reloading
        5 shotguns + 1 pg costs 65 res and can take out a hive without reloading


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          Re: Proto Tech discussion

          I almost always go ha first, as I find jp requires significantly higher skill from your team, and if you have that much skill on the team you're probably winning either way (if the server is unusually full of high skill players, jp becomes a better idea). That said, the peak of marine technology is mixed ha/jp. One good jp/hmg will save your ha train from a 2 hive onos (try to make sure you're giving the jp to someone who can use it well). If you have both, what I like to do is keep my jetpacks moving around the map either focusing on res or getting phase gates, while my heavies guard my existing gates. Once I have a gate near a hive, I start dropping only ha for the siege. Trying to siege with mostly jp is usually a mistake, as a stationary jp is a dead jp. If the aliens have an onos, it's worth having one jp there to keep the onos away, but the rest should be elsewhere. In terms of ratio I prefer to have about 3 ha: 1 jp during a siege, and 1:1 if there's no siege going on.

          Two side notes: jp first is fine if you have plenty of res flow such that you can replace all the lost jps, and essential if you're in a small game (4 or fewer marines).


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            Re: Proto Tech discussion

            I'd like to mention that, when I'm in a group of heavies, I prefer to be a shotgun amongst HMGs. I find that the 5 second reload of HMGs makes it difficult to weld other people, and I tend to weld a lot. Shotguns, on the other hand, can be topped off, leaving you more time to weld.

            One other thing to mention, is that going either HA or JP is not a choice that should be made in a vacuum. If, for example, you took down alien nodes early and then dropped the ball on the 2nd hive and are now playing for 2-hive/proto, aliens will be low on res and less likely to have onos, or atleast have onos later. Conversely, if the alien team has few fades and lerks, JP might be a stronger choice. Of course, map features and target hive choices are also important things to consider.

            Here's a question for people. Which do you think is better for a GLer in mixed team, JP or HA?


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              Re: Proto Tech discussion

              The key to useing a JP is to not hold down jump and just use spurts of fuel for little boosts. Also running away when you have low armor. Welding is even more important for JP than heavys.

              Some common situations.

              Aliens don't have sensory. Without focus killing JPs can be hard, especially with good med support.

              Aliens have sensory. Go HA unless swimming in Res.

              If you are low on res and aliens have more map control I would go JP. Hand them out to your best players to try and retake the map. One JP HMG for fades and a JP SG for buildings can do a lot of damage.

              If you have a fair amount of nodes (such as a hive and a double res) and aliens dont have many nodes HA can be a good choice, especially if aliens don't have onos.

              If aliens have a ton of onos with two hives go JP. JP HMG to kill the onos, then try and retake the map and get HA for a hive push.

              Generally JP are for retaking the map and killing lifeforms with one or two marines. And HA is for pushing a hive, generally by sieging.


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                Re: Proto Tech discussion

                GLs should be heavy because they absolutely NEED support from the rest of the team to stay alive if they are gonna try and do any damage to the alien team. Even if the rest of the team is jp they should be heavy if you can afford it.

                One of the few times this doesn't apply is when you are rushing a hive with multiple JP/GLs instead of JP/Shotguns.


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                  Re: Proto Tech discussion

                  or gl should be able to shoot, and then run away to reload. With a jp the gler can jet up to the front lines, launch his nades, and jet back out of the crossfire to reload in safety. I have found sometimes with heavy you get stuck up there (other heavies, sieges, two skulks rush your ankles) and it can be really hard for your team to shoot around you at the aliens(and you have little to no firepower of your own).

                  Personally as an alien if i see a gler who just fired he is instantly my next target. A marine with no primary weapon makes a great meatshield to get some rfk, plus another marine in the spawn queue, plus a powerful weapon down(and the reload time restarts when it drops, so it's still out of commission if someone picks it up.

                  not that HA/GL doesn't have its uses, but I think the evasive capabilities of the JP are more suited.




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