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knowing when to fall back

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  • knowing when to fall back

    Having played NSC for several games now, I've noticed that it's definately teaching me how better to judge the time of retreat.

    Often, In NS, you NEED to advance. Those skulks are chewing on your res node or phase gate, and you're the only hope of stopping them!! But alas... such drama doesn't surround every field decision, and learning to fall back when you're outnumbered (or better yet, soon to be outnumbered) is proving to me to be a very smart thing to judge accurately.

    In NSC, if you fall back at the right time, it can really help you gain experience very quickly, as proximity to a killer gets you XP when you're not killing things yourself. But the alien just respawns and comes at you. More of the same. la la la...

    But in NS, if you fall back at the right time, it can really help you gain territory on the map, as death often means the loss of weapons and/or structures and/or territory... whereas the strength of numbers will often allow you to take those things from the opposition.

    So, as you're running around the ns_ map, try to ask yourself if it might be smarter to go back a few hallways and find a buddy or three to move with. Sometimes it's the worst thing you can do for your strategy. But sometimes it proves very helpful.

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    which somehow reminds me of the trench warfare :?


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      This is why I honestly think NS needs some form of grenade.


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        Originally posted by _Ender_
        This is why I honestly think NS needs some form of grenade.
        A Hand grenade would make this game perfect.

        .. pull the pin, put the nade in your mouth, run upto the onos, let him eat you and





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