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  • Scouting

    TG has good scouting and response time compared to most pubs, but I think we can still impove.

    This mostly applies to the alien team because they play more defensively (hives) than the marines.

    How many times has your hive been shotty rushed by wyz and you never saw it coming? Its probably the most painful thing to happen on the alien side.

    Now skulks should be doing 2 things
    A) Scouting
    B) Killing marine res nodes
    If you are not doing B you should be doing A.

    Now this might be kind of hard to explain and you just learn it by thinking a cretin way. In a perfect game, the aliens will always know where the marines at located on the map, now we know we can never have a perfect game so lets find ways of ďguessingĒ where the marines are on the map, here are some key points of guessing where the marines are:

    Use your minimap (default C), I press my minimap key constantly to see what we control, where my teammates are, and where I think the marines are going to go next. If you hit C and see no one in one of your hives that you control it would be a good idea to go there and check it out. If you have 3 skulks in one area and havenít heard any marines or donít know where any are, you need to move to another area and find the marines, skulks should only be ambushing a location if they know marines are going to pass by soon.

    Parasite, Parasite, Parasite. This ability can never be use enough, when you are skulking, take it slow, parasite marines and call for back up. You are doing no good if you just rush in at 3 marines and die with out parasiting any of them( I see this all the time). If you have 3 sensorys then use sent of fear! And alert your team of where the marines are and how many there are. Say to your team what weapons the marines have, this is VERY important, 3 shottys can down a fade in less than 1 second, shottys and hmgs are very deadly to a fade who is not expecting them.

    Remember prevention is the key to the alien game, if you know the marines are coming to your hive you can set up a defense to stop them rather than every one just bum rushing into the hive when the marines already have 5 shottys in there. After you stop a rush on your hive because of good scouting hit the marines res towers or base itís the perfect time because the comm. is pissed off because his 100 res rush just failed.

    If you are out of res donít stay on gorge, a gorge can not scout, the only time you should be gorge with no res is if you were already gorge when the marines are attacking the hive so you can heal it. If you have spare res, the next best thing to scouting as skulk is OCs DONíT put OCs in the hive room, that is a waste, put them in the siege spots by the hives so you get some warning, but remember donít rely on OCs to do the scouting for you, its more of a back up plan.

    Also one last thing get the minimaps with the names on it, there is no reason not the have them and they help you learn maps better.

    Ill add to this if I think of anything later, or add something in your replys, I typed this up really fast.


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    Re: Scouting

    Scouting is a major issue for the alien team. They tend to get "tunnel vision" and focus only on one thing (getting hive, chambers, etc). There should always be people on and around the hive areas.

    I also still can't understand why the team can wait 5 minutes into the game to even start moving into the opposite side of the map to hit those res nodes.

    One last thing: There should be no such thing as an un-damaged parasited un-eleced RT. If you see one as skulk, you'd better be chewing on it.


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      Re: Scouting

      I've started assuming the role of map manager. I don't attack marines, I run from them. I use vents and I chew nodes where marines aren't. When marines show up, I run to another node. If I can't find a node to chew on, the aliens tend to be in good shape.
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        Re: Scouting

        I think paracited marines should appear on the minimap.


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          Re: Scouting

          Originally posted by _Ender_
          I think paracited marines should appear on the minimap.
          I agree with this one, because the marines get red dots when MT is up...

          Also, for those looking for the labled minimaps: There's a post under "Important Threads" or you can get them at my site Here
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            Re: Scouting

            A PT suggested that Parasited marines should show up on the pop up map, I supported it, but alas, the dev team ignored it.

            Its great that you have these ideas, but its best to find a way to implement it yourself, or get someone else to. The dev team sure as hell won't.

            They don't even have a website up, and the PTs sit around and do nothing (believe me I know first hand)


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              Re: Scouting

              Originally posted by FireWater
              They don't even have a website up [...]
              I'm afraid to admit it, but I agree with FireWater. I think the fact that the ns website has been down for 3 weeks now is pretty indicative of their general approach. They were promising, months before the website downtime that the new website was "in the works" and would have all sorts of great new features. When the site went down for the upgrade I assumed it would be up the next day with the new site... 3 weeks later... still no site.

              Isn't the standard procedure for website upgrade/development:
              a) build new site on separate test server or inaccessible portion of live site
              b) debug and test new site in test environment
              c) take down existing site
              d) put up new site
              e) test and debug in live environment

              Steps (c) (d) and (e) should take a matter of hours, not 3 weeks.


              Not to mention that having the website down for 3 weeks means no "official" means of downloading the client for new players and no forums.

              It's this sort of thing that, despite the quality of NS, the game, makes me question the abilities of the dev/management/PR team- and of course even if it boils down to one person's fault, it reflects on the team as a whole.

              Sorry, way off topic, but I need to vent some frustration here.
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