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Well, I thought I hit him...

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  • Well, I thought I hit him...

    I am having serious problems lately with my aim. I can't quite put my finger on it... either my sensitivity isn't right, or my screen resolution needs to be altered, or I just plain can't focus on what Im aiming at. I used to be a "Hive Sight" NS 1.0 kind of guy, who needed that sensory upgrade to see a marine or structure to kill him, and find it very hard to aim at a bouncing skulk... lerk... hell even fades. Sometimes I think I can't even hit the broadside of an onos.

    Any suggestions? Should I lower my resolution (1200x1200somethin) so that the players are larger and are easier to distinguish but at the same time loose the wider vision? Is my sensitivity to blame? Is there a way I can up my gamma/difference in the game so I can tell if a color is brown and not tan...etc?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Well, I thought I hit him...

    There are many things to do to try and help your aiming try these things listed below and practice with it for like a week and see how it goes.

    Lower your resolution, this is more down to a personís tastes but Iíve found a lower resolution (800x600-1152x864) helps aiming.

    Lower your sensitivity to something below 10 for marines with your windows sensitivity near half, and use a slightly higher sensitivity for aliens. Also turn off mouse acceleration in the control panel, this will help you track a lot better.

    Adjust your rates with good cable or dsl you want a rate around 18000-20000, a cl_updaterate around 40 and a cl_cmdrate 1 higher than your average fps, so for 60 fps you would set it to 61. cl_updaterate should be set to the highest possible value that gives you no choke, around 40 is good for most people. Use net_graph 3 for your fps and choke/loss rating. Other commands are ex_interp and ex_extramax, these commands can be tricky and people like them set to different values, I use my ping on the server divided by 1000, so 50 ping would be ex_interp .05. Ex_extramax is used to make the models less jerky when ex_interp is set too low, so raise it if everyone skips around, I think the default is 2 and you shouldnít need it higher than 6 or so.

    If you canít see in game max your gamma out, if you still canít see buy a new monitor, you probably can get a good for one under $100 with rebates.

    These settings wont make you have good aim instantly so practice with them and if you donít like it change back.



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      Re: Well, I thought I hit him...

      I tried all this and I still suck. Do you have a stronger perscription?




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