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    I thought it would be really cool if we could have a field commander, i guess this would only work in large games
    but if there was a marine on the field who HAD a mic, that WORKS, and someone who knows the maps well and who can lead ppl. he would just stress what the commander says so the commander doens't have to say it 51 times, the commander can then get back to what is important.
    This might make commanding a bit easier for some ppl, it would allow the commander to focus more on important stuff.
    I would also like to see it a bit more with aliens, one person take charge to keep everyone in tack, and at the begging of the game, the aliens need to take charge
    1 get RTs, 1 get DCs, 1 save for HIVE
    and then if there are more people you put more people in the different catigories(sp?)
    What do you guys think? i think this may get some more teamwork going on the marines side

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    I think your idea stinks, and I have come to hate you by association.

    No, wait... I'm all for this. :) Anything that makes commanding easier and lends itself to a better team is a good thing.
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      I do this all the time.

      I find myself repeating the commander alot actualy =)
      - 52


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        Agreed, I always try to remind fellow field marines of our objectives. I hate slow marines :).

        I love gaming, mmmmmmmm


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          I do this all the time when Tempus is commander. He trusts me, I trust him. I give orders to his marines from the ground, he does the same when the roles are reversed. There have been games when, just when all hell is breaking loose, the only command the marines heard from Tempus was: "follow Wyzcrak's lead." :)

          It helps if the marine on the ground shares my keen talent for recognizing the "flow" of a game. There comes a time when it's really not that important to guard that res node, or take that hive. There are no foot patterns on the floor when it comes to the Tango of Battle. When things get crazy, you either know how to dance, or you get stepped on. Having a marine on the ground who knows how to really effectively tango with the momentum is (not required for this to work, but) invaluable.

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            Leave it to Wyzcrak to come up with a dancing metaphor for NS that actually works! :)

            Witty (and accurate) as always...


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              hmm, yeah.. ok, maybe i just don't see it..


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                lol mmmm &lt;insert brag here> :P

                and jackel... they were agreeing to your idea... actually they're saying they've been doing it the whole time...


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                  i know, i just haven't played enough games lately to notice it..


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                    Sure, but just dont do it when I'm in the chair ;)




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