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  • Squeak's tips on Fading

    The Fallowing Post has the meat (for edits). As observed in the previous thread, there will be no discussion regarding the legalities of using scripts. Please, constructive critisizm and by all means add information (catagorize it and I will add to the meat) to help increase the effectivness of fades in game.

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    Re: Squeak's tips on Fading

    I feel I can contribute to helping players develope better fading techniques. This is due to my recent improvement in this area, and because I want to contribute my tactics to the rest of the community. This will be split up into 4 sections: Control, Upgrades, Greed, and Targets of Opportunity.

    WASD? You can pretty much center the entire fade control system to using 2 commands - blink and swipe. Blink, when of the most usefull abilities in the game, is what makes the fade a superb hit and run class. It is crucial that you understand the amount of addrenaline each control requires so at any given time you know what your options are in a confrontation.

    To help you maximize slot switch effectiveness, here is a script I use:
     //alien weapon specific bind from swift idiot
    alias +s1 "slot1;wait;+attack;"
    alias -s1 "-attack;"
    alias +s2 "slot2;wait;+attack;"
    alias -s2 "-attack;wait;wait;slot1"
    alias +s3 "slot3;wait;+attack;
    alias -s3 "-attack;wait;wait;slot1"
    alias +s4 "slot4;wait;+attack;
    alias -s4 "-attack;wait;wait;slot1"
    //switches mouse2 for either slot2 or slot3 weapon (skulk or fade)
    alias switch "bind MOUSE2 +s2; bind MOUSE3 switch2"
    alias switch2 "bind MOUSE2 +s3; bind MOUSE3 switch"
    This code pretty much gives you an attack per key. You can litteraly assign a slot weapon to one key and have it attack. I use my mouse1 and mouse2 keys as attack1 and attack2/3 depending if Im a skulk(leap) or fade(blink).
    By no means am I saying you NEED this script to improve. It has helped me since lastinv doesnt work well for me. You can just as easily perform weapons switches with weapon fastswitch enabled and using your slot keys.

    Try and get in the habbit of not holding down blink for an extended amount of time. Blink consumes adrenaline. When you are out of adrenaline, you can no longer blink. A little bit of blink usually does the trick and is more controlled. A very talented fade can use blink + bhop to extend the speed that blink gives you.

    It is also important to get in the habbit of "crouching" when blinking. It makes you a smaller target and you can more easily navigate obstacles.

    What to pick, what to choose? No matter what, fades require the advantage of an upgrade or two. Here is my typical upgrade pattern:

    Movement: celerity - you move faster, blink faster (use less adrenaline to move over the same area), swipe faster.

    Sensory: Focus - Do more damage, use less adrenaline, helps inforce hit and runs.

    Defense: Regen/1hive - lets you quickly reheal after hit and runs. Carapace/2hives - lets you take ALOT more damage and increases your chances of survival (you can now heal safely with meta).

    I believe these upgrades maximise the effeciency of the fade as a main attack class.
    If you are beginning and arent sure of your timing due to adrenaline and blinking, upgrade to adrenaline instead of celerity, but be more cautious of how much time you spend attacking when you need to be running.

    9/10 fades arent killed due to marine teamwork, they are killed because they arent thinking about the big picture. If you are going to fade, you absolutely need to kill any frag humping brain cells (I recommend alcahol ) and focus on the golden rule "1 hit, 2 runs".

    If there is a group of marines, chances they have more firepower then you. 1 additional hit is all it takes to keep you in their firing range. Hit your target once, and have 2 escape routes planned out in your head to recoup. You need at least 2 escape routes in case they plan to cage you in when you have low health. If its not possible to get out two ways, then just wait for them to move into a possition YOU can handle and is more difficult for them. It doesnt matter if they all dont die, as long as they are occupied with you, taking damage, and not paying attention to other aliens you are doing a FANTASTIC job. Obviously they arent getting to their objective, and you are slowly working their health down, working their ammo down, and having the com spend res on them to keep them alive. This gives the entire alien team more time = more res = higher lifeforms.

    So lets recap here: Do not get greedy in marine groups, and allways be thinking of getting out of a bad situation (do not be thinking "oh great easy meat").

    Targets of Opportunity:
    Now comes the job of doing what fades do best: disabling marines. If you are just starting out and unsure of yourself, having a few rules of engagement will really help your game.
    1) Fades arent meant to take on entire teams of marines solo. That is what an Onos is for. If you plan on encountering a group of marines, having backup ala lerk and some skulks will help ensure a victorious encounter.
    2) If you feel you cant win a confrontation, you are going to need to pick a different objective untill the circumstances are in your favor. 4 marines with shotguns running down a hall? Go around them and pick off the last one, or hit their base. Taking out an armory will help post pone the marine tech tree and taking out an obs will post pone the dropping of a PG. Getting the team to beacon back to base gets the marines out of the field, and possibly in a situation that favors the fade over them.
    3) Use the alien flashlight, it is easier to figure out how many marines are in a room, or to spot lone gunman.
    4) It is better to hit the poor sob building the pg, then to go after his buddy crouched in a corner with a sg/hmg.
    5) Friendly Fire is your friend. Try to strategicaly blink inside a group of marines, hit, and blink out. More then likely they will hit eachother and make your life easier.
    6) Try not to fall into fade traps. Make sure you know your exits and the amount of marines inside a room/location before you attempt to engage.
    7) Your primary objective should allways be to hinder marines. Either fragging them, or hitting their base. Skulks take out res nodes and keep tabs on marine movements so you can get there and disable them.
    8) Marine priority builing hits: Advanced/Upgrading Armory, Obs, Arms Lab. If there is only one IP though and no obs, hit the IP first.

    You are 50 Res. You are a hive. A dead fade is the worst fade there is. If you cant save a res node, if you cant stop a tf from building, so what? If you rush into desparate moves that aren't really necessary and end up dead, your teams chances of winning are that much less. Working the marines safely and picking your fights is a better offence then rushing into situations that take your class out of the game.

    This will be edited/changed/supersized as I see fit.
    Last edited by Iceberg; 03-16-2005, 04:35 PM.


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      Re: Squeak's tips on Fading

      I just use fast switch. My upgrades are regen celerity and focus. I recommned adreniline for beginners but don't rely on it. In order to be a good fade you need to master knowing your limits, keeping an eye on your health, thinking strategically, and meta. (Few other things but these are the basics) Meta is so important because it heals you and gives you some energy back. Master blinkng and meta by blinking then meta and then you can go back to blinking. hud_fastswitch 1 is really the only command you need to get started on the road to being a devestating fade. A high sensitivity also helps with looking around.
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