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Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

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  • Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

    Location, Speed, and Action make the strategy and tactics in this game. Choosing the correct course of action at the right spot, in the right time, can make all the difference.
    One second can make and break a game, and has many times. (If you need examples, i have plenty).
    Making the enemy come to you for the battle gives you the advantage as long as you choose a spot where you have the advantage to fight from.
    Situtation: The aliens have two fades, one lerk, no onoses, dcs and movements, and two hives.
    The marines have full upgrades, and heavies with shotties, hmgs, and welders.
    The aliens have four nodes, no gorges, and only the fades have res.
    Question: Do you attack the hive?
    Answer: Heck no. The lerk will umbra the two fades, as the fades have an instant healing source not two feet away, with a constant supply of skulks. You will lose your heavy train, and the aliens will lose nothing. Why, because the fades have a HUGE advantage in this location/time. They can attack as quickly as possible, faster than it takes time to reload an hmg. (think, half damage, with near death to full health healing in a half second, you'd get slaughted).
    So what do you do, you play the feild, you go for their nodes, make sure they don't get any onoses, and then start pushing somehow. Electrify res towers, start building turrets all the way to the hives, etc.etc. Hold what you have, take what you can. Seiging out their remaining two rts might be worth it. Just so they can't get any more fades/lerks/anything. at the same time, you can get more heavies, hmgs, shotties, jps, etc.etc. fortifing what you have, taking what the aliens need.

    EDIT: also note, taking the fades as far away from the hive is possible is a very smart thing to do, making them attack alpha hive, when they have cargo and equilibrium can kill them, obviously shifting the battle into your favor.

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    Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

    Infro has been kicking my alien team's ass more and more lately from the chair. I'll keep the above post in mind next time I feel pinned, which is a position from which I often choke as a commander.
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      Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

      Situtation two: The aliens have one node as well as the marines. Aliens have one hive, and mcs. Marines have level 2 armor and weapons.
      Question: What to do, what to do.
      Answer: Push the alien hive while having one marine getting nodes. Reasonning is, you will get more kills from this push than aliens, and therefore, gain resources faster, and therefore, gaining resources exponentailly, giving you more advantages then the marines. As aleins, groupping up and hitting the lone marine, and lone res towers might be your best bet. Making marines go all the way INTO the hive can give you some pretty big advantagous, instantly getting one or more bullets until you die, and respawning in the battle, can give you the advantage, verses having leaving the marines killing your node you just put up.


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        Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

        Quite frankly, speed has a GREAT impact over how the game plays out. The Aliens have this advantage and it is a great advantage. Taking this away from aliens changes the outcome of the game. Just think, if heavies could blink, you think marines would give a rats butt about a single fade?
        Choosing your battleground also affects the outcome. Fighting aliens right outside the hive, verses in the hive, it all depends upon the situtation, if most the aliens are dead, the spawning aliens will be confused and at a disadvantage when spawning, verses being directly outside the hive. Which makes the aliens come to you. Also hitting a fade once and a while when he is in the hive stops him for a bit. After a battle, sending in a stock marine to chase the fade while the hmgers reload might not be such a bad idea, buying time.


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          Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

          Fade blocking, its all about location, location, location.
          First and formost, when you are blocking a fade, you shouldn't be touching a SINGLE wall. you may be in a doorway, but that doesn't mean you should be at the side of a door way. you should be able the side of a fade, away from a wall, particularly which ever wall the fade is near, that means, he has to blink, to the other side to get around you. also, that means you can get to the other side that much faster.

          | M |
          | F |

          |'s are walls, M's are the marine. you are about the size of a marine away from the wall, because a fade can' fit through the wall and the marine, you don't have to be there, you just gotta make sure a fade can't fit through you and the wall. this means that the fades best move, is to BACK UP (yes into fire, and blick around the marine, which he might hit) or to go ALL the way back through ALL the marines, to find another exit, i'd say its safer to go find another exit if you know ones open, because getting stuck in an area for over a second without being able to move and blinking speed equals your death as a fade.


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            Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

            In the end, you don't have to kill a fade to win a game, you just gotta "out run him" by killing a hive before he gets there, or making him otherwise occupied. Killing hives isn't the most important thing to do, sometimes killing fades is, sometimes killing nodes is. Anymore, kicking a dog while he is down (killing off the last enemy res node or hive) may not be the best thing to do. But more often than not it is, just make sure it doesn't cost you too much. (12 dead marines = 1 new alien node or worse). Also note, where a team of six will fail, a team of one can succeed with the right planning and execution. And where a team of three will fail, a team of six will probably succeed. It all depends.


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              Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

              You must decide, if I let a phase gate go up, who would it be benifile too. I've INTENTIONALLY let a phase gate go up in a hive because i knew the marines couldn't get the hive down, and the aliens would of aqquired preciouse resources which we needed, and the marines would of lost thier res.
              Why you ask, six marines in a hive without level two or above shotguns aren't going to be able to kill a hive when the aliens have two, two-hive, fades with DCs in the hive and mcs in both hives. Its just going to get the aliens LOTS of res, especially when the aliens will get there before the marines, because a fade and skulk are on the phase gate :).

              aight, i think i've posted enough for now. Good gaming.


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                Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

                I would like to emphasise a point you touched on:

                When Infro is camping a phase gate as a skulk, that Phase is GONE. DO NOT attempt to save it by going through that phase gate or you will end up with the whole marine team dead several times over and Infro with enough res to go early fade and subsequently kick your team's ass.

                I hate you Infro. :)


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                  Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

                  Best weapon to clear a camped phase gate in that situation is hand grenades. Pull your nade, go through and drop it as soon as you phase. Clear out the phase gate quick ;)
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                    Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

                    Jesus people. Okay, something infro said NEEDS TO BE RESTATED: When a FADE is RAPING the BASE, STAND IN THE EXITS! It angers me that when a fade comes in the base, people chase after it, or run away, it almost dies, and blinks through a door. I'm often the only marine standing in a doorway, and its just stupid, because when i am standing there, the fade never leaves through me. If yall would think, yall would think to put several marines in each doorway, and have the rest chase the fade inside the base. Then he gets few kills, and loses like 30 to 40 res, depending on how many kills!


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                      Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

                      Another important thing, about speed,, do what you can, when you can, and know your limits. Lets say, you are a good fade, your team only has one, or no fades, but two hives built, a marine is building a phase gate outside your hive, and lastly, you have +50 res, no lerk, and most your team can get there, realtivitly fast, except for a fade. what do you do. depending on the situtation, do the marines have upgrades, can you FOR SURE kill the guy, (almost always a no), quite frankly, the time it takes him to build a phase gate, is about the same ammount of time for you to go fade. one fade could stop the marine team, and save the hive.
                      Q:Do you attack as a skulk, or go fade?
                      A:Depends on how talented you are as a skulk, if most your team can get there quickly, it means they can get there before the PG goes up if you delay him, so killing him isn't nessissary. If you aren't that good at skulk, or don't have leep or what not, you'd probably want to go fade, stopping an enemy from killing a hive from within a hive is easy, but this is MUCH more dangerous, no lerk, no lerk=no gas, no gas = strong marines and week hive. (umbra/gas)
                      Do you have gorges there too heal the hive, if so, fading might be the better choice, FTK is important, killing 30 marines = 60 res for your team, enough to put up a third hive.


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                        Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

                        I just commed a frustrating game on linuxmonster and made that mistake... I think... They had 2 lerks and a fade, we had turrets and pg in middle hive, pg in near hive, and ALL BUT 3 RTS. I kept sending my boys into the one hive to rush it (welded backdoor - map was was ns_lost), with 3-3 uppies and sgs and hmgs and hand grenades... but the spores and fade were too much for pg rushes or plain old walking rushes. Seige was definately not an option - they couldn't hold it long enough to kill the hive or put up a pg.

                        The more time passed, the more fades and ocs we had to face, each time we tried a rush we lost 3+ rts. Didn't really know what to do at that point. And then the onos showed up and it was gg.

                        Should I have saved for a heavy train or what? Or seiged the 2 outside rts (they were both lamed up).

                        P.S. I'm pretty new to the comming business - slow on the buildings, but I have good medpacking skills.
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                          Re: Importance of Location, Speed, and Action

                          i'd say, on NS_LOST, in that game, its about the location.
                          The back part of SW hive is a good spot to shoot a hive down from, if you have lots of res for meds and ammo. Waiting for HV train would of been a good idea, but your marines gotta do something with that time, and protecting res nodes, is tedious, and ineffecient. It all depends on the situtation, if you were running into the back of alpha, thats just a recipe for disaster. Fades can get stuck on the door way, and blocked VERY easily, but its hard to shoot, without FF taking out your team. seige from that point isn't viable either. Alpha is a more defendable hive then cargo or the other one. (name eludes me).

                          I had some other thoughts i wanted to put on here. oh yes,
                          placement of marines in certain locations is key. I've seen, "bad" mariens take out 7 aliens if places in a long long hall way with no lerks or fades. its just suicide to try and fight marines in such a situation.

                          there are particular rooms you want to defend, rooms where it is hard for a fade to get around, and hard for your marines to get ambushed.
                          Big rooms with one exit are quite critcal. you always know where the enemy is coming from, you always know where the fade is coming and going to. it only takes 3 lvl 3 shotgun blasts and a pistol bullet to kill a regen fade. 3 level 3 shotgun blasts and 1 pistol bullet. and you've bagged yourself 50 res in lifeforms. if the fade is only coming from one door, that means fade has to be,,, "fancy" at best. Many things come to mind about this. lets say the map with mother interface (at subspace hive), where do you seige from, from mother interface, or from the hall way directly outside their hive.
                          Each has its pros and cons, every situtation does. you must consider the situtation for what it is. I'd like to hear your ideas of when you'd want to seige from the hall way directly outside the hive, and when from mother interface. I know i can think of a very particular situtation where this lost my team the game, deciding in the hall way and not in mother interface. brillant planing. any situtation immaginable. i'll post my situtations here a week or so from now. until then




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