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Getting around in a hurry: ns_eclipse

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  • Getting around in a hurry: ns_eclipse

    The tactics board has really been picking up lately. I thought i'd post a little something about map strats for alien. I know, like aliens need a lot of help in 3.0f, but still I'd like to think knowing maps is one of my strong points, so I thought I'd throw up some tips. For now, I'll just do a few of my favorite vents on ns_eclipse. If you guys find this helpful let me know, I can sure do some more in the future.

    For reference, here's a map of ns_eclipse. I've marked some key routes on it. There are plenty of other vents but these ones have some key strategical advantages. I get lonely running around in the vents sometimes, seems like I see suprsingly few teammates, so I'm gonna bring you all up to speed :)

    (if you like, a Big version is also available - 400k)

    Often times, when the aliens are in a hurry they make some silly choices. The most common mistake I see is the aliens rushing headfirst into the marines to bite them back. While this can work if you have enough aliens, it's not always the best. Taking a few seconds extra to get a better position on the marines can be very worth it. This is the stuff GOOOOAAALLLS are made from.

    First lets look at the red path. It starts in the Maintenance hive, there's two vent openings on the west wall. This is a great way for aliens to get out of the hive in times of duress, though it seems like I don't see it being used as often as it should. The path I've marked here goes from the hive all the way out to The Horseshoe. The small white arrow indicates one area where the path is exposed to marine attackers, but for the most part you should be safe from marines. This route can be great when the hive is in trouble, a phase is going up or a siege is happening. For example, if marines were setting up a siege in keyhole (not that you see a lot of those on TG, but every once and a while they happen), this route will take you right up behind them. You can come up the sides too.

    The green path is another one that seems a bit out of the way if Computer Core is under attack, but can have good results if the phase gate is north or northeast of the hive. A phasegate west of the hive can be a bit difficult, but coming out of the tops of the ramps rather than the bottom between the marines and the hive can help take marines by suprise.

    These paths are also great with teamwork. Instead of waiting around for your teammates to spawn, head through a vent or take an alternate pathway to position yourself behind the marines. As your teammates spawn (or arrive at the hive to defend), you'll be able to perform an effective pincer attack on the marines. You'd be suprised how one skulk jumping out in front of marines can get them pretty pre-occupied, leaving them very suseptible to an attack from behind.

    The orange and blue paths are great node protection routes.

    Though South Loop usually isn't too tough for aliens to hold if they want it, it could be argued that there's almost no reason a skulk should ever enter from the north doorway. The vent right by the doorway will take you right up on the ceiling, and the rafters there will provide some cover while you prepare to act out some DFA on the tasty marines below. The vent works in reverse if marines are trying to push into south loop.

    The Orange path is a good way to take care of triad. While a skulk usually can hop over the pipes and take some bites on marines, the vent path provides you again with the arial advantage. In all times, it's good to take advantage of the trouble most players have with shooting directly upwards.

    The green path is also great for protecting Sub-Junction and Computer Core. If you know marines are building nodes in these locations, or if they are attacking your nodes, consider using the vents to get there. Timewise it can be a bit risky with nodes, because of how quick they go up/down, but if you can be quick enough you'll have no problem eating up the marines before they even knew what hit them.

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    Re: Getting around in a hurry: ns_eclipse

    Good post. It drives me absolutely batty when I hear a player claim that they can't make it from maintenance hive to computer core hive. I'd have skulked over there 40 times by then through these very vents. (bump)

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      Re: Getting around in a hurry: ns_eclipse

      Agreed. Good bump.

      Our regulars don't enough use the vents.
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        Re: Getting around in a hurry: ns_eclipse

        I always get lost in that comp core vent :(

        Vents in general are your friend, and don't take this the wrong way, because we really do need to use vents more often, but when a siege is under way, it takes all types of attacks to stop it. If suddenly no one came in the front, the marines would probably advance into the hive. There has to be the illusion at any point there there are a couple skulks waiting for the marines or already on the way to getting them in the front. It also keeps thier backs toward the aliens coming the other way.

        Everyone can't use vents at the same time, but more people definitely should than currently do.


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          Re: Getting around in a hurry: ns_eclipse

          "and the rafters there will provide some cover while you prepare to act out some DFA on the tasty marines below."

          These raftersin south loop can be shot through, so dont sit up on them thinking you are safe.

          There is also one more vent path i would like to add. I would only use this path if you are a lerk and eclipse is getting seiged. Hopefully you can follow what im saying.

          You start in eclipse and take the the vent at the back of the hive to triad, you then take the orange route, but in reverse. Fly down the hallway to the green vent and go out the other side to the CC seige spot. Then quickly fly into the vent south of the eclipse seige spot, sit back and gas those marines. This may seem like a long way to go but can be done in about 30 seconds if you are fast.

          If you are going to do another map, might i suggest ns_nancy? Almost no one knows these vents, im sure it would help everyone out alot.


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            Re: Getting around in a hurry: ns_eclipse

            Originally posted by Tours
            If you are going to do another map, might i suggest ns_nancy? Almost no one knows these vents, im sure it would help everyone out alot.
            QFT. I've taken to the strategy of find a vent and hope it comes out somewhere close to where I need to be. All the vents overlap hallways on the minimap, and that's not in the least helpful.




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